You’re Using It Wrong: Matthew 7:1

judge notVery often the most well-known Scriptures are the most misunderstood. We like to throw verses around, sprinkling a few verses here and a few others there without any regard for their contexts. One of those verses Matthew 7:1. “Judge not…” And those who do are self-righteous hypocrites. This verse is used like the ultimate trump card against any confrontation of sin and accountability. “Don’t judge me!” I think we’ve probably all heard the hostile tone as someone we know tries to turn the table against our rebuke. It comes in many forms, and it’s even a banner cry for many churches today.… Continue reading

Back to the Basics: The Clarity of Scripture Pt. 2

clarityofscriptureIn part one of this series I laid out the biblical case for the clarity of Scripture, now in part two, I examine the history of the doctrine of clarity.

Despite the strength of the biblical case for clarity, numerous views have arisen throughout church history that have refused to take the biblical evidence at face value.

Almost from the beginning of church history there have been numerous challenges to the clarity of scripture. As early as the patristic age, there was a drift away from the clarity of Scripture. Many of the church church fathersfathers found the Old Testament less clear than the new.… Continue reading

Spiritual Formation II: Who Calls the Plays?

Our previous discussion was on the improper system of practicing sanctification or drawing closer to God as taught through the paradigm of spiritual formation. Spiritual Formation is a system that is not going away anytime soon and it is good for us to carefully examine it and at least be aware of it. This is a deceptive method and as one noted Christian apologist said:

“Deceptions that do not work have a short shelf-life” (Bob DeWaay).

I could not agree more and just because it lasts does not mean it is right. One of my great appreciations for men who have been faithful to the truth is their confidence in the sufficiency of Scripture.… Continue reading

10 Ways to Love Your Pastor

pastor-stress-“How can I keep doing this?” the man said to himself as he opened the door to his study. It was Monday morning, and only six more days til he had to preach… again. He was battle wearied and tired, feeling as though he aged a life-time, almost in his own twilight zone. Time stood still as the world rushed past. He had only been in the ministry five years, but was already thinking of quitting. “What am I going to do?” he thought. “What can I do?” He sat down behind his desk and buried his head in his hands.… Continue reading

Sexual Lust: The Deadliest Sin

lustingThere are certain secret sins that we all struggle with, but, for some reason, hardly ever confess to God or to our closest friends (we are commanded to do both-see James 5:16). For instance, one sin that many Christians battle with is L-U-S-T. Sexual lust. Let’s face it. We live in a culture where we are constantly exposed to temptation. We are bombarded with it daily. Drive around LA and you’ll see billboards advertising “gentlemen’s clubs” everywhere. Even in some churches, I know young men are tempted every Lord’s Day because of the immodestly dressed women present in worship services. Married men and women are not safe from this temptation either.… Continue reading