Sexual Lust: The Deadliest Sin

lustingThere are certain secret sins that we all struggle with, but, for some reason, hardly ever confess to God or to our closest friends (we are commanded to do both-see James 5:16). For instance, one sin that many Christians battle with is L-U-S-T. Sexual lust. Let’s face it. We live in a culture where we are constantly exposed to temptation. We are bombarded with it daily. Drive around LA and you’ll see billboards advertising “gentlemen’s clubs” everywhere. Even in some churches, I know young men are tempted every Lord’s Day because of the immodestly dressed women present in worship services. Married men and women are not safe from this temptation either.… Continue reading

The Rock

**Precursor: Ok, so today I am going to (briefly) tackle an interpretive issue and see what kind of response we get.**

The Roman Catholic Church has tampered with Holy Writ more than many of the Christian “cults.” Yet one place they seem to possible have done decent study is in Matthew 16:18. Though their theological outcome that they are the only true church is wrong (because they teach an altogether different gospel, Gal 1:8-9), their position is worth considering. Therefore I turn to Matthew 16 for this blogpost and would like to look at the various positions on who “the Rock” Jesus was speaking about and what a probable understanding should be.… Continue reading

Why I Study

One of the burning questions that many people long to ask about pastoral ministry is what desk_studydoes a pastor do all week. In the broader culture, there seems to be a belief that pastors have it easy because they only work a few hours on Sunday mornings. While I suppose for some that may be true (which would explain this, if you see it on a pastor’s shelf run!), but for faithful pastors, who truly love Christ and the people He has entrusted to them, nothing could be further than the truth. Although I rolled my eyes when I was repeatedly told in seminary that I would be busier in ministry than I ever was training for the ministry, I am, and truth be told I don’t know a single pastor that puts in less than 55 hours a week and most put in far more.… Continue reading

Back to the Basics: The Clarity of Scripture Pt. 1

clarityofscriptureThe doctrine of the clarity of scripture undergirds all of Christian theology. Although less studied than other areas of theology, questions about the clarity of scripture marble virtually all areas of Christian theology. The inerrancy and authority of Scripture are of little significance if its inerrant and authoritative teaching cannot be understood. Likewise there is little value in discussing the attributes of God if His special revelation is unintelligible to men. The clarity of Scripture buttresses all theological work.

Not only is the clarity of God’s word key to the practice of academic theology, it is essential to the spiritual life of believers, particularly in cultures, like ours, where the Bible is readily available for personal use.… Continue reading

Protecting Your Testimony in Online Debates

Day by day . . . maybe even minute by minute or second by second . . . the internet seems to capture more and more of our lives. You can buy everything from groceries to firearms. You can do everything from research to dating. There’s thousands of hours of entertainment available:

From the informative:

To the hilarious:

With its positives and its negatives . . . its delights and its dangers . . . one thing is clear: the internet has radically changed life as we know it.

One of the most interesting facets of life on the web is the opportunity it provides for instant dialogue—and debate—with people all over the world.… Continue reading