The hypocrisy of “Judge Not”


1375985_820852567971891_7567170042034129667_nIn light of recent trends from people to “encourage” Christians to stop being judgmental, I think this post will be helpful to show the absurdity of their claims to us. The following is taken from

There are two common expressions I hear from people used to defend a belief or action. In fact, most of us have probably encountered it, if not used it at one point in our life. For instance, your sibling is cheating on her husband and you tell her it is a sin and she needs to repent. What is the common response? “Stop judging me.”

The second common response I hear, “Well this is my experience and you cannot tell me I am wrong.” I have also heard, “The Lord told me in a dream the other night .… Continue reading

It’s Official, We Counsel Divorce

UnknownIt’s official. Today affirms what we have already thought and prepared ourselves for, to be godly and honor Him, we have to counsel divorce.

I have prepared myself for this moment for some time, warned the church, and now write it out. We have to counsel divorce when addressing a repentant homosexual. Now, let’s be clear. When our friend got “married,” he did not really get married in God’s eyes. For God defines marriage between man and woman, “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh” (Matt.… Continue reading

Homeschooling. So Great a Salvation?

educationIt might be amusing to some (and disconcerting to others) to know what happens behind the scenes here on PS23. My Facebook messenger feed is virtually continuously buzzing from conversation, ranging from what’s new in theology, politics, current events, church life, and what my wife cooked for dinner. The latter inevitably morphs into a conversation about food, and the proper preparation thereof (especially as it relates to BBQ or coffee). Disagreement will exist, and then the expected “sticker war” (Who knew that language is de-evolutionizing to pictography? For that we might have our degrees revoked). But there’s more than just fun to our PS23 thread.… Continue reading

Youth Ministry…Do it!

I have now been a full-time, vocational youth pastor for a year (party hats! Whoop whoop!) I never quite imagined how enjoyable, challenging, fun, and demanding it is. I figured doing youth ministry was going to be easier than being a senior pastor or associate pastor, but I was wrong. Youth are people (against popular opinion :-) ) who have emotions, make decisions, must live with the consequences of those decisions, and who also have a spiritual life that God is interested in. I have come to discover that if I am faithful to shepherd the students under my care, it is work in every sense of that word.… Continue reading

Evaluating The Family Integrated Church Movement

FIC1If you were to visit our church on Sunday, you might notice a few differences from what you’re used to. Often about half way through the service, the scent of carnitas roasting begins to waft from the Mexican restaurant next door. And that is just one of the various church plant oddities you might notice. A 12 year old boy runs the sound system; the bulletins are simple and printed on regular copier paper; and we even have two different kinds of chairs in the sanctuary. These are some of the quirks that go along with being a newish and growing church plant.… Continue reading