Help! I Have To Help!


Walk with the Lord and you will have opportunities to minister to people. [1] There are times where this is easy, “Can you give me a ride to the airport? or “Can you pray for me?” Those are fairly easy to do. By easy, I mean, do not require me to break out of a comfort zone or do something unfamiliar. Yet, situations and serving opportunities will come up requiring me to get heavily involved. At some point, a friend struggles or needs more than just a ride. The Lord engages us to struggling people. A friend comes to you with a problem.… Continue reading

Why I’m NOT at ShepCon 2015

inerrancySince hearing of the upcoming Inerrancy Conference shortly after the cessation of the Strange Fire Conference, I (and many others) have been eagerly waiting for Shepherd’s Conference 2015. It would seem then, that the elephant in the room might be, “So, why aren’t you there!?”

The answer is very simple.

Because of my love for the church. 

That may seem like an odd answer… perhaps even self-contradictory! After all, Shepherd’s Conference is designed to encourage and equip pastors so that they can, in turn, better serve their churches. For the pastor to take the time and money to attend Shepherd’s is a demonstration of love for his congregation.… Continue reading

Inerrancy, From the Best

You already know that Shepherd’s Conference is happening right now! If not, see

You also know that Shepherd’s Conference is on the topic of the “Inerrancy of Scripture.” If not, see

323200410_640If you want to hear from the best Bible teachers and theologians of our day talk about the inerrancy of Scripture, see

Or, if you just want to view them in 1-2 min videos, let me recommend here.

Either way, see It will be a blessing to your soul.

Blessings from Shepherd’s Conference, ~GP

Inerrancy And The Local Church

By the time you are reading this, I will be in Sun Valley California Inerrancy-Summit-300x300attending The Summit on Inerrancy the 2015 iteration of the venerable Shepherds’ Conference, the pastor’s conference hosted every year by the staff and members of Grace Community Church. [1]

Normally, the Shepherd’s Conference is a three day event that, really, at the end of the day, focuses on being an encouragement to pastors and elders from around the world. Because the conference usually focuses on shep4the encouragement and care of pastors, especially those who are weary and wounded from the battle, there has never been a central thematic focus of the conference.… Continue reading

Enjoying #ShepCon2015

Since the announcement of a four-day summit on inerrancy at last year’s Shepherds’ Conference, there has been quite a buzz building. As keynotes were added and announced, websites were built and rebuilt, blog post after blog post was written, registration was opened then quickly filled, and reservations were made, the anticipation just continued to build.

And now it’s upon us. Tomorrow morning, the Shepherds’ Conference Summit on Inerrancy will begin (if you’re looking to get yourself even more excited, the new conference website even includes a countdown clock). With that in mind, I’d thought I’d have a little fun and offer you a few tips to help get the most out of the conference.… Continue reading