Is Las Vegas the Most Dangerous Place?


I wish I had a dollar every time someone told me about the dangers of Las Vegas and why they could not raise a family here. I habitually hear, “Oh, ministry in Sin City? Well, just like Corinth they need the Gospel too.” It seems many Christians think Las Vegas the most dangerous place in the world. After all, this IS Sin City! Right? (Or at least that is how we market our city to you). [1]

Is Las Vegas the most dangerous place to anyone? Let’s face it, everyone knows the Strip has drugs, gambling, free drinks, and prostitution (even though it is technically illegal in Clark County (LV)).… Continue reading

Is Rome a Christian Church?

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about evangelicals, Roman vaticanCatholics and the pope. Whether John Piper’s recent tweet, or the recent march of Evangelical leaders to the Vatican, or the unprecedented interest among prominent evangelical celebrities in the most recent papal election, many are asking anew, or for the first time, is Rome a Christian church and are Catholics brothers in Christ?

Mike Gendron from Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries ruffled more than a few feathers when he said:

“I’m very concerned because what this does is it confuses the average evangelical. Right now, the Body of Christ doesn’t know whether to evangelize Roman Catholics or to join hands with them to go out and evangelize the world, [and] it’s because of people like Rick Warren who either don’t know how exclusive the Gospel of grace is, or he’s not aware of the false and fatal Gospel of the Roman Catholic religion.”

But is he right?… Continue reading

This is Our God. Know Him!

**Time for a little theology. Put those biblically-minded thinking caps on. Here we go!**

Let’s talk about God, shall we?

The Bible teaches that God is both near and far. Put it another way, God is knowable and unknowable. Some believe God is only close and knowable, such as Shintoism, and pantheism, while others see God as only far and unknowable, such as Muslims, Judaism, Christian theism, and Hinduism. However, the understanding of God throughout Scripture is that the unknowable God is knowable (cf. Acts 17:22-31).

The doctrinal formation of God’s knowability and unknowability is divine immanence and divine transcendence.… Continue reading

Bigfoot, Heavenly Tourism & Other Malarkey

When I was about 6 ½ years old I saw bigfoot, I was sure of it. I was bigootconvinced of his existence, I had learned all about him when my older brother had taken me to the movies and instead of watching a cartoon that had been pre-approved by my parents we settled in to watch a movie about Sasquatches. And on top of that Leonard Nimoy had made it clear that Bigfoot was real in multiple episodes of “In Search Of”, and if he played Mr. Spock so convincingly, he had to be smart enough to know what he was talking about.… Continue reading

Does Jesus “Accept” Everyone?*

I hear this a lot on Facebook, among people, editorials, and of course “evangelicals” — you know those who profess to believe and follow the Lord, “Jesus loves and accepts everyone as they are.” Usually this statement comes in the context or as a rebuttal to the claim “homosexuality (or some other socially popular personal rights agenda) is wrong.” Often the one claiming, “Jesus loves everyone” will also say, “love is love. Jesus loves people and supports love.” In other words, there is a belief, that Jesus loves everyone for who they are and belief in him requires no change in motive, will, action, and desire.… Continue reading