How a Believer Grows in Holiness

imagesSanctification is both a position and a process. “For by one offering He has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified” (Heb 10:14). The word “sanctification” could be translated, “made holy,” “set a part,” or “holy.” The Lord tells us the cross sufficiently sets a part a person as a perfect individual. “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matt 5:48). Just as the Lord is perfectly holy and set a part, so is the believer. Hebrews emphasizes our change in character, through Christ’s sacrifice, allows us to enter into His presence. For a First Century believer who could never walk into the Holy of Holies, this would communicate our status changed.… Continue reading

The Self-Indictment of Conflict

Unknown-1Want to sell an idea or grow in popularity? Try creating conflict. Conflict sells. It’s unfortunate the blogosphere is known primarily as a conflict centered medium. During seminary a certain blog was popular primarily for railing against postmoderns. I’ve heard some preachers who spend the first forty-five minutes insulting and criticizing evangelicalism and the last ten minutes in the text. He’ll even say when in the text, “I wish we had time to explore this.” Well sir, you did, you chose to rail against evangelicals for forty-five minutes. Now, I’m not saying every popular blog is conflict centered, nor is every popular preacher conflict centered.… Continue reading

They Come From France

coneheadsThey come from France. That was the explanation that the conehead family would offer (in the classic SNL sketch and the much less classic movie) when someone noticed that they were clearly aliens from outer space. The response they typically got was a puzzled shrug, that seemed to say “you seem like you are from outer space, but I guess you could be French.” Along with their consuming of “mass quantities,” their deflection “we come from France,” and its reception formed the satirical underpinnings of the sketch.

In this strangest of political seasons, we, as American Christians, couldGospel-and-Citizen-cover-for-web use an alien perspective. … Continue reading

What Are You Thinking?

The importance of right thinking by the Christian for his progressive sanctification is a recurring theme in the Word of God. Before one can carefully follow instructions given by God, he must know what those instructions are, and in many cases he must also know the reason for the instruction. In addition, it is from the heart of man, the inner part of himself, that all actions flow (Mark 7:20-23); he will never do anything that his heart has not already convinced or allowed him to do. For these reasons, the mind is the critical battleground for the growth in holiness of the believer.… Continue reading

Group Post – Books on Pastoral Ministry

Occasionally we like to do a group post here at PS23. As pastors, we are all constantly reading. Sometimes there is great value in hearing about what resources have had an impact on others. This post is asking the guys a simple question: what books would you recommend on pastoral ministry?

Jason Vaughn

Stuart Scott’s pamphlet “From Pride to Humility” is a must read! The obvious answer to the question would be some book with a title containing “pastoral ministry etc” . . . But, ministry is serving and the rewards or product is the Trinity’s glory! Nothing threatens our work like pride.… Continue reading