Heaven is Real & Really Important

With the release of the movie version of Heaven is for Real. Public debate seems to be swirling. The movie and its teaching even became a topic of discussion on Good Morning America.


Every time Hollywood makes its case (and its money) on religious issues, debate seems to rage. Some of these debates are more helpful than others, but, generally speaking, these debates divide people into three camps. Camp number one thinks the movie is wrong and it’s important to criticize. Camp number two thinks the movie is all good and it’s unloving to criticize. Camp three thinks its unimportant and we should just all move on.…
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Easter Sunday, Now Gospel Monday

Every year at this time millions of Christians around the globe go to church to hear the good news about Jesus’ Resurrection.  And they are excited and genuinely happy to know that Christ has risen.  And yet Monday rolls around, and seldom is this great news about Christ proclaimed.  So in honor of Easter Sunday, I would like to suggest that the Monday be a day of Gospel ministry.  So if you’ve ever struggled to articulate the Gospel, I would like to lay out in simple terms the Great news of Christ.

The Gospel is the good news about Jesus Christ. …
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Leadership in the Church is Male

To address the elephant that inevitably crowds its way into any discussion concerning the elephantcompeting views of leadership within the church, I will start by saying that I in no way condone the subjugation, devaluation, mistreatment, or dehumanization of women. I believe that women are equally created in the image of our God, equally saved by grace and faith in Jesus Christ, and equally spiritually gifted by the Holy Spirit. However, as I hold to the position in this discussion normally referred to as Complementarianism, I do believe that even as all of these things are true so also is it true that God created men and women differently in order that they fulfill different roles within creation.…
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Christians and the 10 Commandments

Eric Liddell“And when I run, I feel His pleasure.” The life of Eric Liddell is among my favorite stories from church history (albeit recent). We can almost hear the tune to the award winning “Chariots of Fire” movie that highlighted the Olympic year of 1924, when Liddell did something that was absolutely unheard of in athletic history. He was quickly dubbed, “The Greatest Athlete in the World,” after he annihilated the previous 400m world record, coming across the finish line in 47.6 seconds.  He was the first in history to run the race at a full sprint. In his own words, “I run the first 200m as hard hard as I can.…
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Customized, Hand-tailored Worship

Custom-TailoredWe live in a world that is completely customized to our liking. Social media takes note of what I “like” to expose me to further options that they think I’d enjoy. Concurrently, Google is tracking my searches and the webpages I frequent, so that they can make my experience completely tailored to my tastes. Yes, even by being on parkingspace23.com helps the internet know more about who I am. Our world caters to our desires and habits.  Grocery stores track what we regularly purchase, and provide appropriate coupons. Now, you can even have a fridge that will tell you what’s inside, when food is about to expire, and the ingredients you’ve got to buy to create a terrific main course dish.…
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