An Update to My 2015 Reading List


Book List BooksWay back in January I posted on ‘My Reading List for 2015.’ Considering we are nearing the middle of the year I thought it only fair to provide an update on how I am doing. Frankly, I am doing terribly at actually reading the books I proposed way back then. However, it’s not because I haven’t been reading because I most certainly have. So what I want to do is provide a brief explanation for why my list has been derailed and then point you to a couple of books I have enjoyed that aren’t on the original list.… Continue reading

Lattes and Hymnals

101310I read a lot of publications that speak to musical expressions of worship. Some, from sources I respect and learn a great deal from; while others make me cringe, as they extol everything from a viewpoint exactly contrary to what I believe is a Biblical understanding of worship. I learn from them, but sometimes their biggest benefit is that they drive me to my knees in prayer. However, one thing I hear from both sides is that hymnbooks are on the way out of the pew (if pews still even exist). Some rejoice over this, saying that the church is progressing, while others lament what has happened in the last 20-30 years to music in the church.… Continue reading

Getting Back Up: Restoration and Repentance (Reprise)

Picture 1It is never easy or fun to deal with personal sin. Being honest about one’s true condition at heart is scary, because the depth and pervasiveness of sin runs so deep. Instead of turning to God and His remedy, we are prone to seek solutions via superficial means.

We often view stimulants as the jolt to shake us out of our spiritual doldrums. Some look for a new hobby. Stamps used to be the annoying thing they licked and stuck on an envelope. Now they are the most valuable resource on the planet, and they can’t spend enough time tracing them down.… Continue reading

Great Suggestion or the Great Commission?

The term “Great Commission” is not found in Matthew 28:16-20, but it underscores the importance of Christ’s command, and highlights an important calling for those who continue His ministry in earth.

But what exactly is this commission? Matthew’s commission focuses on discipleship. After Jesus dispatched His disciples, they made disciples by two primary activities: baptizing and teaching. The ministry of discipleship is at the heart of Matthew 28:19-20, meaning this person was a leaner of Christ, a student of their Savior. They came to saving faith and will now be identified with Him in baptism and taught how to keep His words.… Continue reading

Millennialism an Ancient Doctrine?

We believe in the future Millennial Kingdom, where Christ reigns on earth, fulfilling the Davidic Covenant. Revelation 20 teaches Christ will reign on earth for 1000 years. Most of us who believe this hear this one historical rejection. “Dispensationalism has only been around for a hundred years or so, the Millennial Kingdom is a new doctrine not found in the Church Fathers.” This critique attempts to say, “This is a new doctrine with no historical backing, therefore you’re going against history.”

Mr. Philip Schaff, historian, (author of the great 8 volume church history set), can you Unknown-1please tell us what a lot of early Church Fathers thought about eschatology?… Continue reading