A Summer’s Reading List – in the Fall

pumpkin spice latteAAAHHH…

That warm Summer’s breeze at the beach with the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. You kick up your feet and reach for your ice-cold pumpkin spiced latte (to the great chagrin of my contemporaries on this blog). Errr, ummm…

What’s a summer’s reading list doing on a blog at THIS time of year anyway!? Christmas, after all, is only nine weekends away…

But that’s exactly it. It’s THAT time of year! Not to toot my own horn, but with many ministry obligations and assignments due and with a newborn about to enter the world at (in the doctor’s words) any moment, time is a luxury (isn’t it always?).… Continue reading

How Dead Is Dead?

Bad Tulip

All philosophies and religions stand or fall by their view of sin. If the disease is not properly diagnosed, there will never be a cure. Our view of sin as Christians and the extent of its devastating effects upon man will subsequently affect our view of man’s salvation.  So what does the Bible proclaim about man’s sin and his ability to come to God? Should man really feel good about himself in light of who God is?  Is man even in need of rescuing from sin?  Let’s delve into a few misconceptions about total depravity and then end with a few important implications.… Continue reading

Pastor Appreciation Month


In case you have forgotten, for some odd reason, October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Now I did not make this up, and I do not know who signed the petition for this event. But I actually do have some pastor’s appreciation memories.

Growing up, we would have pastor’s appreciation month at our local church. The pastor and his wife would be seated at the front, sometimes on the podium. During that time they would be showered with kind gestures to include material gifts and testimonials of gratitude.

Of course if one person had something good to say, others would follow, even if they did not mean it.… Continue reading

Where We’ve Parked No. 3

We on the team here at ParkingSpace23 enjoy and appreciate all of you who take time to read the various posts we compose and share each week. Likewise, we are very encouraged when some of you take the time to let us know how what we have written has had an affect on you in the comments section. And like the many of you who frequent our blog, we are all readers and commenters of and on a variety of blogs as well. To that end we thought it might be fun and informative to share with all of you some of the things bouncing around the blogosphere which we have either found helpful, challenging, or just flat out fun to read.… Continue reading

Mark Driscoll

16095063-mmmainToday marks the first and only time I compose an article on Mark Driscoll. His public image has been displayed throughout Twitter, Facebook, and every major Christian publication for many years now. On Wednesday, October 15, 2014, He resigned from being pastor of Mars Hill in Seattle, WA. Over the years Driscoll has been the subject to many articles, blogs, tweets, and personal discussions. This is a great time to summarize my thoughts regarding him. Throughout his ministry and “controversies,” I had (past tense is important here) one thought.

I am neither part of the solution, nor am I part of the problem, therefore anything I have to say about Mark Driscoll is pure gossip.… Continue reading