Lessons Learned from the FIC Movement

ficThanks to the “Family Integrated Church” (FIC) Movement, many have landed on a position that claims any sort of youth or children’s ministry is unbiblical. Therefore, any event that separates children/youth from parents, especially when the church assembles, should be done away with. Sadly, this philosophy has divided many churches and severed many friendships. If we want to be biblical, we must admit that this issue is in the realm of “preference.” The Bible does not condemn “systematic age-segregated” ministries. In fact, if done well, they can actually serve a great role in accomplishing the Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20).… Continue reading

Throw your hands in the air, like you just don’t care!

kids-in-churchI grew up in a typical conservative, church-going home. Sunday mornings I would test my parents sanity by slowly rolling out of bed (after multiple attempts to wake me up), take my time eating breakfast, fight with my brothers, and put my shoes on the wrong feet, before we finally got out the door. It was chaotic leaving the house, and I’m amazed my parents didn’t end up leaving my brothers and I behind. However, in spite of the chaos, when we would get to church, we’d sit in our regular pew and became the perfect church family. May hair would be perfectly slicked down with my mother’s saliva, and my dangling feet would kick the pew in front of me as they swung back and forth (but the lady in front didn’t mind, because I was so darn cute).… Continue reading

” . . . That He May Be With You Forever”

Many people are concerned about the end of the world. Books are written, movies find new-creative ways to show us how it will all end, and there are seemingly a million or so options about how to interpret the “End Times” passages in the Bible. Interestingly, with all this attention focused upon the end, there is one area that gets missed that I believe is vital.

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Before I go any farther there are three things you must know:

(1)  If you disagree with my position on Eschatology, then you are free to go once you read #3 below, unless you want to learn a bit what another position believes.… Continue reading

Back to the Basics: The Clarity of Scripture Pt.3

clarityofscriptureToday I am concluding a three part series on the often overlooked but enormously important doctrine of the clarity of scripture. In part one I looked at the biblical evidence for the clarity of scripture, in part two I looked at the varying views of the clarity of scripture that have arisen over time, now as the series comes to a close I want to look at the greatest threat to the doctrine of clarity in this day and age, postmodern hermeneutics, and the most vocal proponents of the postmodern hermeneutics, the emergent church movement. While the emergent church is essentially dead as a movement, its influence remains in the damage done to the understanding of the doctrine of clarity, especially among Christian youth.… Continue reading

Cultivating a Longing for God’s Word (Reprise)

My wife and I recently spent some time studying through Psalm 119 together. It is a great bible read mePsalm expounding the treasure of God’s word. This long chapter, longest in the Bible, extols the beauty and effectiveness of God’s word. It is systematic- a “super acrostic” with each successive section following the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It is emphatic, reiterating several key themes and expounding again and again the benefit to living according to God’s word. The Psalm begins with a parallel poetic verse equating blamelessness with living according to God’s word. What an amazingly powerful truth!

In studying through this incredible Psalm, one of the verses in the third section struck me right between the eyes!… Continue reading