Those Who Must Give an Account: Prioritizing Shepherding


“Dealing with the question of the nature of the church can no longer be delayechurch-cartoon-background-vector_f110DJu__Ld” writes Millard Erickson in his classic work Christian Theology (1037). Erickson takes a few paragraphs in his section on Ecclesiology (doctrine of the church) to lay out a brief sketch of major doctrines and how they have all had their day for full review and definition throughout church history. He cites doctrines like Chirstology, the Trinity, the atoning work of Christ, and the doctrine of salvation. Erickson writes this some 30 years ago. His words have proven to be prophetic. If you take a quick walk through the average Christian book store, you will find a myriad of titles that deal with the nature of the church.… Continue reading

Reprise: What’s the Big Deal About Doctrine?

The word “doctrine” has almost become a dirty word in many churches. In fact, so has the word “preaching,” but that’s another post! Many don’t think doctrine is practical or important. It’s all just academic stuff for the theologian or seminarian, and if anything, does little more than cause discord in the church. It’s unfortunate that so many think this way, but it’s because today’s churches have a poor understanding of the meaning of “doctrine,” and because of this poor understanding, they perceive doctrine negatively, thinking it doesn’t apply to real life situations or real spiritual growth. In many circles, the word “doctrine” is considered synonymous with “vain genealogies” and is perceived as nothing more than the discussion of the number of angels on the head of a needle.… Continue reading

Book Review: Judge Not by Todd Friel

judgenotBeing a small church pastor I fill a lot of roles.  I am the preaching pastor, I am the counselling pastor, I am the “executive” pastor, and I also the pastor of snow removal, the pastor of web mastery, the pastor of “oh no we’re out of paper towels,” and just about everything in between. One of those in between roles is being the pastor of book recommendations and reviews.

The way this normally works: someone will grab me after a sermon or they will send me an email and the question asked is always “would you recommend I read ___________? … Continue reading

Prepare for Sunday

UnknownIt’s FRIDAY!!!!!! YAY! For most of us, tomorrow is a day of rest followed by the glories of Sunday and Corporate Worship!

I pray you enjoy your weekends and time with family, friends, and loved ones. For those of us who still work, I pray we labor for His glory, and enjoy the opportunity to work. Sunday morning Corporate Worship is around the corner. Are we prepared? Think about it, when you go on vacation, camping, to a game, movie, date, park, grocery store, you prepare. I wonder how many of us roll out of bed, get in car, and just show up to church?… Continue reading

4 Reasons the Bible Can’t Be “Probably” True

sunday schoolI remember sitting in my seat, stunned quite a number of years ago by what I’d just heard. My mind replayed the words of the recent seminary grad just to make sure I didn’t mishear him. “We can’t be absolutely sure the Bible is true or that the God of the Bible exists,” he stated again in the Sunday School class. What’s worse is that he went on with the approval of the silently nodding heads in the room as if he had just communicated what everyone had always thought. They were just not intellectually honest enough to admit it.… Continue reading