Mark Driscoll

16095063-mmmainToday marks the first and only time I compose an article on Mark Driscoll. His public image has been displayed throughout Twitter, Facebook, and every major Christian publication for many years now. On Wednesday, October 15, 2014, He resigned from being pastor of Mars Hill in Seattle, WA. Over the years Driscoll has been the subject to many articles, blogs, tweets, and personal discussions. This is a great time to summarize my thoughts regarding him. Throughout his ministry and “controversies,” I had (past tense is important here) one thought.

I am neither part of the solution, nor am I part of the problem, therefore anything I have to say about Mark Driscoll is pure gossip.… Continue reading

October and Reformation Playlist

AutumnLeavesOnPianoKeysFront2_VGm-LOctober is one of my favorite months, because it contains some of the most meaningful holidays for me. First, In October, my wonderful, godly parents celebrate their wedding anniversary. Their tremendous example of faith, and love have been a testimony to me, and many others; and their love of music clearly had an impact upon my life. Through joys and struggles, their love has grown, not just for each other, but more importantly, for their Saviour. I’m honoured that the Lord chose to place me under their care as I grew up, and I’m honoured that they’ve taught me to serve Him as I’m older with the gifts He’s given.Continue reading

What’s On My Desk?

Today I’m pinch-hitting for one of my brothers, so I thought I’d take the opportunity for something a little more practical. Hopefully it will be an encouragement to you, and maybe stir up some ideas that serve you well.

Here’s a picture of my desk, taken at the time of writing this blog:


Now, I rearranged the books slightly to make sure all were visible in one picture, but this is a good general idea of what my desk looks like. More importantly it’s a view of the type of books I keep within reach. I offer this to you as a recommendation.… Continue reading

Why I Am A Dispensationalist

With the recent release of the utterly unnecessary reboot of the Left Behind movie franchise (There is a very fair and informative review here) the jokes have inevitably begun to fly. While the primary target is the poor quality of “Christian” films, running close behind as a favorite target is dispensationalism.niccagelftbhnd

Dispensationalism is defined by The Moody Handbook of Theology as “A system of theology recognizing different stewardships of Man under God. Dispensationalism is distinguished by (1) consistent literal interpretation (2) clear distinction between Israel and the Church (3) the glory of God as God’s ultimate purpose in the world.… Continue reading

Pride, the Pastor, and Church-Shopping

church-shoppingChurch-shopping . . . it’s the scourge lashing away at the church body. It’s the reason why churches continue to claim higher numbers, new membership, and growth, all while fewer and fewer people identify themselves as “Christian” . . . and culture continues to race further and further from God and his word. Mega-churches grow. Small churches dwindle and die. One local assembly cannibalizes another. We see it happen time and time again, as members treat the church as something that can be bought, sold, and returned whenever they find something they don’t like.

So, how can we stop this plague from ravaging the body?… Continue reading