How to Live an Incomparable Life with an Incomparable God


About a year and a half ago Isaiah 46:4’s doctrinal and practical implications impacted my life with a very personal message. This text comes in the second half of the Book of Isaiah (chapters 40–66), which deals with Yahweh’s Salvation. Chapters 1–39 focus on Yahweh’s Judgment. Chapters 40–66 addresses the topics of Yahweh’s Servant (chaps. 40–55) and Yahweh’s Kingdom (chaps. 56–66)

Within chapters 40–55, we can identify:

  • Yahweh’s Book of Comfort (chaps. 40–42)
  • Yahweh’s Book of Redemption (chaps. 43–53)
  • Yahweh’s Great Invitation (chaps. 54–55)

Our text, therefore, makes its appearance in a section of prophecies dealing with redemption. It begins in 43:1b with the declaration:

Fear not, for I have redeemed you;

I have called you by name; you are mine.

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Trinitarian Discussions & Church History

Trinity in LatinAs of late it would seem a plethora of events have conspired to break the internet. Everything from a mass murder being committed to the tragic loss of a young boy while on vacation with his family. Amidst these and other current events has been an interesting and even moving occurrence among evangelicals. In case you have been blissfully disconnected, I will take a moment to explain. The theological subject of the Trinity has recently garnered what might seem like new attention, now I will not even attempt to lay out the nuances of this discussion as others more capable than myself have done so here.… Continue reading

Why I Embrace our Next President

God is lightMy title probably leads you to guess, “Because God is still sovereign?” Yes true. The truth should not cause us to over-look this answer, give lip service to His reign under our breath, while we continue to worry or even complain about the elections. Either Ms. Clinton or Mr. Trump will be the President of the United States of America. God sits on His throne over the universe. Many of us need to swallow that pill, sit on it, smoke a pipe over it, then tell the world. No President thwarts His throne, the return of Christ, or the New Heavens and Earth.… Continue reading

Back to the Basics: The Christian & The Law

ten_commandmentsLiving the Christian life, although supremely joyful, at times is tough, even complicated.  And in many ways the complexity is magnified by the availability of information on the internet.  That there is more theological information readily available is great, what is not so great is that sometimes it is very hard to tell, especially for those not familiar with online research or newer believers, reliable sources from crackpots.  Over the past months I have fielded questions, after someone in the church read “a great article” online about a wide and quite frankly stunning array of topics. I even fielded a question about whether it was biblical to believe that the earth is round after someone read online that the Bible “clearly teaches” that the earth is flat and covered by a dome. … Continue reading

Traditional or Contemporary

Over the last few decades, one of the major issues in American church life has been the issue of “contemporary” vs “traditional” styles of church ministry. In trying to appeal to a younger generation, and as a result of having some apparent success in so doing, a shift has happened to more modern aesthetics in the corporate gathering of the church.
Organs are being removed and neglected. Pastors are removing ties from their necks like they are some kind of noose. Hymnals are being put into storage in favor of digitalized, projected lyrics. Goodbye pews, hello chairs. On and on it goes.… Continue reading