Christians and the 10 Commandments

Eric Liddell“And when I run, I feel His pleasure.” The life of Eric Liddell is among my favorite stories from church history (albeit recent). We can almost hear the tune to the award winning “Chariots of Fire” movie that highlighted the Olympic year of 1924, when Liddell did something that was absolutely unheard of in athletic history. He was quickly dubbed, “The Greatest Athlete in the World,” after he annihilated the previous 400m world record, coming across the finish line in 47.6 seconds.  He was the first in history to run the race at a full sprint. In his own words, “I run the first 200m as hard hard as I can.…
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Customized, Hand-tailored Worship

Custom-TailoredWe live in a world that is completely customized to our liking. Social media takes note of what I “like” to expose me to further options that they think I’d enjoy. Concurrently, Google is tracking my searches and the webpages I frequent, so that they can make my experience completely tailored to my tastes. Yes, even by being on helps the internet know more about who I am. Our world caters to our desires and habits.  Grocery stores track what we regularly purchase, and provide appropriate coupons. Now, you can even have a fridge that will tell you what’s inside, when food is about to expire, and the ingredients you’ve got to buy to create a terrific main course dish.…
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So What is an Elder, Anyway?

Church ElderI had occasion recently to reflect back on a time when I was a fairly new Christian and a new member of a local church; a church in which there was much discussion concerning becoming or submitting to becoming an “elder-led” church. At the time I wasn’t really sure what everyone was on about, as I didn’t even know what an elder was, so I asked a few questions and learned a great deal about leadership in the local church. One of the things that struck me was the seriousness of discovering or recognizing the men who the Lord was raising up to take on this role within the Church.…
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The Abrahamic Covenant & Believers

AbrahamThe Abrahamic Covenant is one of the most important topics in all of Scripture, as it has implications for all of subsequent human history. Many scholars find the Abrahamic Covenant, first recorded in Genesis 12:1-3, to be a hinge point in human history, summing up all of human history that follows as he outworking of this covenant. It is crucial for believers to properly understand the Abrahamic Covenant, as it holds great significance for how one understands the plans of God throughout History.

Understanding the Abrahamic Covenant

There are a few significant texts for properly understanding the Abrahamic Covenant. The first is Genesis 12:1-3, which records God’s promises to Abraham.…
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Are exorcisms for today?

exorcistSince we live in an age that allows pop culture to drive much of our thinking, there is much confusion about demonic possession today. One must take into account the absence of demon possessions before Christ. Nowhere in the OT can there be found one single case of demon possession and/or exorcism. Furthermore, after the passing of the apostolic era, the NT became silent on the issue and the ability to cast out demons faded and eventually ceased, along with the other miraculous gifts (click here and here to find out why we believe this). By recognizing that exorcisms began with Jesus and ended with the Apostles suggests that this strange phenomenon was an extremely rare occurrence.…
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