Halloween: Remembering the Martyrs


getting ready for winterI have always enjoyed the arrival of October. Contrary to most, I actually like the cooler weather and the change in seasons. I enjoy the crisp air, lower humidity, harvest festivities and the subsequent preparation for winter. But October also brings with it a certain line of decor, which has expanded tremendously in recent years as many anticipate the beginning of the holiday season with the unofficial one, Halloween. Yet, in spite of its “fake holiday” status, Halloween boasts the 4th most popular holiday in America. The average home spent about $75 last year between decorations, costumes, and candy.

Now, I have my opinions as to whether Christians should, or should not participate, but every Christian falls, more or less, into one of three categories.… Continue reading

It’s All About God!

The culture we live in is BIG into heroes. We love Superheroes, mutant heroes, guitar heroes, toy heroes, and Disney heroes. Heroes tend to be people (or cartoons) who do extra-ordinary feats that usually involve them putting their life on the line for someone else or a hero could just be someone we greatly admire, like a teacher or a parent, and strive to be somewhat like that person. The second definition I think it closer to what people call a hero. We all want to be a certain actor or musician and everything they do is awesome. They are our hero.… Continue reading

Monthly Manliness: Get A Hobby

Hobbies get a bad rap these days.  And justifiably so to a certain extent; too many johnLsullivanChristian men these days disappear into their “man cave” for hours at a time essentially abdicating their responsibilities to their family and their church.  But that wasn’t always the case.  It used to be that a man without a hobby was an oddity and that those hobbies were in some way productive.  And those were better days, so let’s return to them.  So this dose of monthly manliness is an exhortation: be a man, get a hobby.

Not all hobbies are created equal, so some basic guidelines need to be observed.… Continue reading

Christian, Be Nice!

smileyfaceAs a Christian, and as a pastor, one of the things that frustrates, and quite frankly saddens, me the most is how some who claim the name of Christ behave on social media.  I get that sitting behind a keyboard provides an emboldening buffer for many, but for those who claim the name of Christ, this ought not to be.  Even when it comes to online interactions God looks on the heart. This is supremely important. So let me be clear; Christian be nice!

When I say be nice, I am saying treat others, including unbelievers and Christians you disagree with, in other words everyone, with kindness gentleness and respect.… Continue reading

United with Christ

Anchored in ChristHave you ever noticed how just a few words fitly spoken can have a powerful impact? It just takes a few. Can you think of some phrases that would fit that principle? For me, the first words that come to mind are “I love you.” You can probably list the people who have said that to you over the years and really meant it. Just three short words comprised of eight simple letters, and yet it can have an incredible impact.

The same is true when it comes to the Word of God. There are many examples in Scripture where just a short phrase makes all the difference in the world.  … Continue reading