The Devil Made Me Do It!

Satan“The Devil made me do it.” Or did he?  I’ve heard similar sayings, “Satan’s got me,” or “I just can’t kill the Satan in me,” or “Satan won’t let me go.” This might sound funny to some, and maybe others don’t take it seriously when they hear it. The problem is, this kind of thinking shows a really weak theology of Satan at best, and a gross understanding of man’s depravity and human responsibility at worst.

But we often don’t hear much taught about Satan in most circles… not that I would recommend that there should be a Bible study on the subject, because I probably wouldn’t.… Continue reading

What is Scripture’s Role in Your Life?



As your bibliology goes, so goes your Christianity.

As a church’s bibliology goes, so goes that church.

What is Bibliology?

Bibliology is the doctrine of Scripture. Your view of Scripture dictates your life and dictates the life of the church. There are five characteristics of the Scriptures that affect our Christian life. You and I must see Scripture as (1) the Inspired Word; (2) the Inerrant Word; (3) the Authoritative Word; (4) the Converting Word; (5) the Sufficient Word; so that we might glorify King Jesus in our lives and in the life of His Church.


1. The Inspired Word

Paul claims that the Scriptures were God-breathed (2 Tim 3:16), that is to say that He is the author behind the authors of the different books of the bible.… Continue reading

A History of the Charismatic Movement: A Response to Michael Brown

Michael Brown is a well known author and flamecontributor to charismanews, an online Pentecostal and Charismatic magazine. Recently though, Brown has been increasingly agitated by John MacArthur’s anti-Charismatic comments and the upcoming Strange Fire Conference. In his most recent article, An Appeal to John MacArthur to Embrace God’s True Fire on July 5, 2013, Brown tries to defend the Charismatic movement against MacArthur’s claim that it is “bizarre and unintelligible.” According to Brown, it is generated by true, sound, biblical teaching.

This claim though, could not be more unmerited.

In another article Brown wrote, he stated, “I am far more concerned about denying the true fire than I am about putting out every aberrant charismatic brush fire.” What’s funny is that to refer to the problems of the Charismatic movement as merely a “brush fire” just might be the understatement of the century.… Continue reading

Why the Church Needs Daniel Today

From all the miraculous stories in the Bible there are but few that surpass those found in the book of Daniel. From the resolution to eat only vegetables to Daniel’s redemption in the lion’s den the first six chapters prove that God is indeed the living God. There are few other places in Scripture where God breaks through into this world with such frequency and intensity. No wonder why the book has been the key subject of many a Sunday school flannelgraph. But, why did God break through into the world in Daniel’s day like he did? What does the book of Daniel inform us about our God and about how we are to live in this world some 1400 years later?… Continue reading

The Christian and Government

Because of the recent ruling by the US Supreme Court, overturning California’s Proposition 8, we have responded with a series of blogs about how the Christian should respond. This is the third and final of three blogs that ParkingSpace23 will be writing: (1) The Bible and Homosexuality; (2) God’s Design for Marriage; (3) The Christian, Homosexuality, and Government.

As discussed in the previous blogs, homosexuality is a sin because the Word of God defines it as such. It is a perverse sexual behavior. For those who struggle with homosexuality, there is hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ (1 Cor 6:9-11).… Continue reading