The Church as Community: Equipped by Godly Men (Part 2)

equip2Good morning! How did you actively take part in and enjoy the Covenant Community yesterday as we celebrated the Lord’s Day? How will you participate in the Covenant Community today?

Last Friday we began looking at the leadership of the local church and the significance of the stewardship/household theme within the Pastorals Epistles. So today, we consider the role of deacons and women within the Covenant Community.

Deacons: Godly Men who are Servants in the Household of God

I understand that this is an area where Christians can have disagreement in fact here is a great blog on a different view written by Karl Heitman.… Continue reading

Worshipping as a Believer? or Belieber?*

urlWorship… those seven simple letters can conjure up so much meaning, emotion and passion. We worship anything and anyone these days. Last week, close to 27 million viewers tuned into the opening game of the 2013-14 NFL season between the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens, while a Harlequin Romance novel entitled The Hero, by Robyn Carr rose to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. In June of this year, Justin Bieber passed a monumental 40 million twitter followers, but was upstaged by Kim Kardashian as the most searched person on the internet so far in 2013.… Continue reading

The Church as Community: Equipped by Godly Men

equip1Growing up my dad and I would sometimes watch the Lone Ranger (no I didn’t see Pirates of the Caribbean 5, I mean Disney’s Lone Ranger).

It has often been said, “There’s no such things as a lone ranger Christian.” This is true. A believer who lives outside the Covenant Community, who lives outside of a local church is not biblical. Rather, biblically believers are marked by their participation within a local church, the local manifestation of the Covenant Community. Biblically, believers live in and participate in the Covenant Community through the local church not para-church organizations. Biblically, believers are marked by their submission to the elders of a local church.… Continue reading

#iDol Worship

urlOne might have thought last week that the world was coming to an end. People lined the streets, even camped out for days to get their hands on one of life’s absolute necessities. What was it that they desperately needed? What device did the fate of humanity hinge upon? A phone. Apple rolled out its newest creations, and with it came a tidal wave sensation around the world. Move over Black Friday: iFriday is becoming it’s own regular phenomenon on a global scale.

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I think to the majority of the population, it’s really quite humorous and unmistakably bizarre that people would sacrifice so much of themselves for a phone.… Continue reading

Yet Another Mass Gun Debate

Daniel SicklesGeneral Daniel Sickles. Historically, he is one who is both famous and infamous, depending on who you ask. Having grown up in an extremely wealthy family of significant influence in American during the 1800’s, Sickles was a man of his own mind and will. He was corrupt politically and morally, and used his money to manipulate others of influence. At the age of 33, he married a 15 year old, but he was also known to have prostitutes, some of whom he even funded to go with him on trips overseas while leaving his wife pregnant at home. He had no military training whatsoever, but when the American Civil War broke out, he used his money and political prowess to become a brigadier general, despite an attempt by the U.S.… Continue reading