Daily Need for King Yahweh

psalms One of, if not my favorite book of the Bible is the book of Psalms. In the first six psalms, as David reflected on Yahweh’s instruction (Deut 17:14-20), David established the individual and corporate daily need of King Yahweh.

In Psalms 1-6, we see constant meditation on King Yahweh’s instruction, immediate submission to King Yahweh, and daily confidence in King Yahweh.


Constant Meditation on King Yahweh’s Instruction

In Psalm 1, the psalmist contrasts the way of the righteous and the way of the wicked. A major characteristic of a righteous man is seeking to understand Yahweh’s instruction (cf. Deut 17:18-20).… Continue reading

Why Catholics Aren’t Christians

calvin and hobbesThe fact that Evangelical Christianity is so confused as to whether or not Catholics are, or can be, genuine Christians only shows us just how far we’ve come since the Protestant Reformation. There is little doubt that the Reformers who were willing to give their lives for the doctrine of Sola Fide (justification by faith alone) would be rolling over in their graves if they knew how readily many Christians will affirm fellowship with today’s Roman Catholics. It was quite clear to them how far the Catholic Church had deviated from biblical truth and the Gospel. In fact, even the Catholic Church was aware of this, but to preserve its power, they outlawed the publication of the Bible in the public’s spoken language everywhere they could.… Continue reading

TCAC: Established by the Gospel

As we begin the new year (I know I’m 12 days behind, close enough) we must consider our role within the local body of believers, our role in the Covenant Community. (This blog could have/should have been the first in my series on The Church as Community). As Christians we are each called to a local body of believers. We are called to submit to elders (1 Pet 5:5; Heb 13:17), to pray for our elders (Heb 13:18), and to gather regularly as a local church (Heb 10:24-25). Parachurch organizations are not what we as Christians are called to (there are several great parachurch organizations and a plethora of bad parachurch organizations).… Continue reading

Jobless Benefits and a Theology of Work

hard_work_signYesterday, another bill passed in the Senate – this time to extend unemployment benefits once again, by up to an additional 47 weeks, depending on the percentage of jobless rates in a given state. The fewer working, the longer the benefits will be extended. Even from a strictly secular economical standpoint, the bill makes little sense and is shockingly near-sighted. You know the argument from fiscal conservatives, it remains the same, and it remains the same because math is always a constant.

1) The bill that passed will cost $6.4 billion, or $256 a week for an estimated 1.3 million jobless claims.… Continue reading