Can We Know the Truth? (Part 2)

Truth DestinationIn Part 1 of this post, found here, we determined the source and substance of Truth as it is presented in Scripture. In so doing we discovered that there are such things as true statements (truth) and false statements (lies). Therefore, having established that there is indeed such a concept and thing as Truth (notice my clever use of the capitol “T” there), we are now able to move on to examine how this fact – Truth – should affect the individual Christian, the Pastor, and the application of theology in our increasing Post-Modern, Post-Christian society.

Truth and the Individual Christian

It would seem a simple track to follow; that God’s Word is the truth, Christians want or at least should want to know more of God and the truth, therefore Scripture should be the standard by which they view all things.… Continue reading

“Be Anxious for Nothing?” Why? – Part 3

I am small, God is big“Your thoughts of God are too human.” These are the condemning words Martin Luther wrote to the heretic Erasmus, but I wonder how much we might be guilty of the same thing. Every time we distrust in the sovereign plan of God, we diminish God to a lesser being who isn’t in control over every aspect of creation. What’s more is that any god less than the God described in Scripture is an idol, crafted by our own imaginations or perception. On the flip side, for our thoughts of God to be biblical, we would have to affirm that He is in perfect, sovereign control over every possible element and detail of His creation.… Continue reading

Showing Your St. Patrick’s Day Colours

happy-stpats-wordart1Food and Mouth Warning

In 2001, the UK and Ireland were struck with a horrible outbreak of Foot-and-mouth disease. The livelihood of the nation’s essential agricultural industry was at risk of dying and people and governments began to panic. Transference of meat and mud into Ireland and between farmland was strictly regulated. Concern grew to such an extent that even golf-players were taken to a specially set-up Department of Agriculture ‘cleansing room’ to have their golf shoes and clubs disinfected.  As the rest of the world was preparing to celebrate all things Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day, the Emerald Isle itself, had gone into a state of national emergency overdrive.… Continue reading

Can We Know the Truth? (Part 1)

Truth Destination“You lied to me!,” an exclamation that has ended more than one young budding romance, and perhaps a few others in full blossom. But more than a statement which often signals the ending of a relationship it is an acknowledgment of something more; that there are such things as true statements (truth) and false ones (lies). As subtle as this acknowledgement may seem it is indeed an important one especially within the postmodern society we find ourselves living in today.

Ours is a society which leans toward a dismissal of any possibility of sure and settled knowledge of the truth; because everyone is entitled to his or her own truth.… Continue reading

To Live is Christ. To Die is Gain.

67782957_640We live in interesting times but it is nothing like that of Paul and the Philippians. The church in Philippi was founded in suffering (Acts 16:11-34) and continued in suffering (Phil 1:29). In light of Paul’s own imprisonment Paul states, “For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain” (1:21). What does it mean for the Christian that living is Christ and how is dying gain?


To Live is Christ.

To live is to go about everyday laboring for the sanctification of others, the spread/progress of the gospel, the purification of oneself, to continuing living and within the present body.  … Continue reading