An Overview of the Church as Community

equip1Its been a few months since I wrote a blog and its good to be back writing with these guys on ParkingSpace23. As I return to the joys of blogging, I need to finish a series I started last year on the Church as Community.

The Church is not a cult. The Church does not use devious psychological techniques to gain and control adherents, consider 1 Thessalonians 2:5-11. The Church is not an isolated commune, consider 1 Corinthians 5:9-10.  Rather the Church functions as the Covenant Community through the local church in local communities.

We have to understand first the essence of the Covenant Community and secondly the endeavor of the Covenant Community so that we can engage in the expansion of the Covenant Community.… Continue reading

I Used To Be Cool

velvet ropes

I used to be cool. It was long ago and it almost seems like it was in a very different universe, but I have seen the pictures, I used to be cool. Not long after graduating from college in the mid-nineties, I drifted to Boulder, Colorado and found myself working the door at a popular music venue, and I began to hang out with the cool crowd. I once argued about football, with two guys, one wearing only a diaper and the other wearing a nun’s habit, while George Clinton sat on a couch laughing at our banter and the crowd on the other side of the greenroom wall was chanting “we want the funk.” I had Maceo Parker’s (the Maceo you can hear James Brown call to on so many records) home phone number and I used to get invited to Olympic gold medalist Johnny Mosley’s house parties.… Continue reading

How to Overcome Sin (pt. 2)

(Again I want to remind the readers that this blogpost is for those who are truly Christians. If you are not a Christian, your first course of action is to repent from your life of sin and put your faith in Jesus Christ first. Here is a link to help you understand the importance of this act of faith.)

Two weeks ago I began a series on how a Christian can overcome sin. Yes, “there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Rom 8:1), but just because we are free from the penalty of sin does not mean we are completely free from its power and influence.… Continue reading

Who Runs the Church?

Growing up, my two main sports were always soccer and track. I loved them both, and had a pretty comprehensive knowledge of both of them as an athlete. I have also coached both those sports on a junior high and high school level, and I would say with moderate success as well (no humble brag here… I have a point to this). I knew both sports well. I played soccer through high-school and refereed through college. I ran track through high-school and college, and served as an official for many meets. But one day, I tried my hat at coaching an elementary girls basketball team.… Continue reading

Back to the Basics: Baptism

Note: This post is written from the Believer’s or Credo Baptism point of view. For a more exhaustive treatment of this subject I would recommend the following book; Believer’s Baptism by Thomas Shreiner & Shawn Wright.

Deployed BaptismI have recently had the opportunity to address the subject of local church membership in a Sunday School series within the context of the local church which I serve, Stansbury Park Baptist Church. In the process there have been one or two “back to basics” type lessons we have had and one of those was concerning baptism; so I thought that if this was an issue that was important to a local church filled with faithful followers of Christ, then it might make for a good post here at Parking Space 23.… Continue reading