Practicing Discernment: Consider this before doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

bucket of iceAs the end of summer of 2014 draws near, it will undoubtedly be remembered as a particularly unique one. One organization, rose above all the rest thanks to the profit generated from social media and a faddish promo stunt – the Ice Bucket Challenge. Its popularity exploded, largely beginning with June 30th, when the Morning Drive on the Golf Channel had a televised on-air Ice Bucket Challenge. Even presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton participated in the event, and though President Obama was challenged, he declined, and opted to donate to the organization instead. The rest is history though, and while there are many minor variants, the gist of it is this:

Get challenged to the Ice Bucket Challenge and you have two options.… Continue reading

Book Review: Evangelism; How to Share the Gospel Faithfully

JMAC EvangelismAs I pointed out in my last post, the subject of evangelism has been on my mind as of late. Therefore, I am taking the opportunity to reacquaint myself with some of the resources on this topic which find a home in my own personal library. Furthermore, I am being encouraged in this endeavour by the opportunity being a contributor to this site brings by allowing me to share insight into these resources. So my post today will continue in this vein by presenting the book Evangelism; How to Share the Gospel Faithfully. This particular review may be a bit different than most you have read because I am going to primarily share with you how my own thinking has been affected by reading this book.… Continue reading

Getting Back Up: Correctly Self-Assessing

Picture 1Do you currently find yourself or a close friend in the vice grip of sin? Whether that be bitterness, pornography, laziness, deceit, or worry, we were reminded last week from Scripture and Christian history that any Christian can experience a sudden or gradual fall from a repentant, spirit-filled walk with Christ and have a hard time recovering. Many genuine Christians in churches today experience no meaningful usefulness to God’s people and are crippled by their sin.

If this state of mind and heart describes you or someone you know, the important question to answer then is how to “get back up?”

I can verify from personal experience that there are many wrong ways to view and deal with sin.… Continue reading

A Plea for Biblical Examination


An overview of my past in Pentecostalism will help shed some light on why I believe examination according to Scripture is vital. As a young boy, I was eager for the things of God but a part of a pentecostal denomination. It was there the Lord saved me by His grace. But as I look back there was a major deficiency.

We did not do as the Scripture commands all believers to do, test everything, examine everything, scrutinize anything that is deemed spiritual in light of God’s word, not feelings (1 Thess. 5:24). I say this to convey the dependence some may have had on those who were responsible for their spiritual welfare, and if they felt that this was a necessary part of their spiritual growth; who are you to contend against it?… Continue reading

Throw your hands in the air, like you just don’t care!

kids-in-churchI grew up in a typical conservative, church-going home. Sunday mornings I would test my parents sanity by slowly rolling out of bed (after multiple attempts to wake me up), take my time eating breakfast, fight with my brothers, and put my shoes on the wrong feet, before we finally got out the door. It was chaotic leaving the house, and I’m amazed my parents didn’t end up leaving my brothers and I behind. However, in spite of the chaos, when we would get to church, we’d sit in our regular pew and became the perfect church family. May hair would be perfectly slicked down with my mother’s saliva, and my dangling feet would kick the pew in front of me as they swung back and forth (but the lady in front didn’t mind, because I was so darn cute).… Continue reading