Victoria Osteen Was Right

It is more than likely that by this time you have seen the viral clip of Victoria Osteen, “co-pastor” of Lakewood church in Houston Texas declaring the purpose of worship and obedience, but in case you haven’t here it is. [And if this seems like it is old news, forgive me I recently spent two glorious weeks completely unplugged from the media, so it is still fresh in my mind.]

If your brain involuntarily blocked out the words on hearing them or simply shut down entirely, this is what she said: “…when you come to church, when you worship Him, you are not doing it for God really, you’re doing it for yourself…”

Now make no mistake this, and all of the blather that surrounded this quote is horribly blasphemous.… Continue reading

The Gospel & Personal Evangelism; A Review

TG & PEAs I have shared previously (here, here, and here) I am currently burdened to look at my own attitudes toward evangelism both as an individual and as a corporate responsibility. In order to clarify my own thoughts I have undertaken a prayerfully closer look at some of the things I have previously learned on the subject/activity. Likewise, I have endeavored to share what I am learning with whomever out there finds these posts. Today I would like to introduce or even reintroduce you to a short book by pastor and author Mark Dever.

Mark Dever in The Gospel and Personal Evangelism has written a most helpful book addressing a topic and responsibility which most Christians fear.… Continue reading

What’s the Point? You Might Have Missed It.

off target“Just get them in.”

Pragmatism. Marketing schemes. Church growth tactics. Shock techniques. Raunchy slogans and billboards. Grunge Christianity.

Translation? It misses the point of the church. Unfortunately, these kinds of efforts aren’t the exception to the rule, they’ve become standard practices in many of today’s churches. It’s easy to identify them, because more often than not their objective is to be seen – loud, obnoxiously, and clear by using whatever rubber-neck producing means necessary for their marketing campaigns. With V-neck T-shirts, thick rimmed glasses and skinny jeans, these churches are led by pastors who earnestly believe that this is how you grow your church and make a difference in your community.… Continue reading

Getting Back Up: Remaining Up

Picture 1The aim of the “Getting Back Up” series has been to help those who are experiencing a severely broken relationship with God and are now eager, passionate—even desperate—to get right with Him.

The first five posts have dealt with how to properly think about and deal with personal sin God’s way. Getting to that point requires regular and humble examination to see the extent of one’s sin again an infinitely holy God.

But what happens when a believer truly repents and experiences the restoring work of God in their life?  What is the next step in order to stay up?  … Continue reading

Cyber Commands

Self Assess 2

The growth in the cyber world and the world of the Internet overall has been phenomenal. And on just that point we could discuss the age of technological advances for an extended period of time. We have been blessed (or cursed depending on your point of view) with advancing technology. But my curiosity is in another area, the level of communication and the discretion or lack thereof as it pertains to what we communicate to others. Maybe this blog should be called: “To Post or Not to Post, that is the Question.” But that would be to much Shakespeare for me at this time.… Continue reading