What is the Call of God?

Called By God from PhoneWe are able to experience salvation only because God has called us to it. God has done the work and therefore we cannot earn salvation, but only receive it. The Bible is unmistakable in its teaching that in order for man to be saved, he must be called by God. Throughout the entire New Testament, the apostle Paul (Rom 8:29-30; 1 Cor 1:2, 24; Col 3:15; 1 Th 2:12; 2 Tim 1:9), Peter (1 Pet 1:15, 5:10; 2 Pet 1:3, 1:10), Jude (Jude 1), John (Rev 17:14; John 10:3), and the writer of Hebrews (Heb 3:1; 9:15) label the saints as “the called.” There is a group of people–believers in Christ, God’s elect–who have been called, and are justified, and will be glorified.… Continue reading

Are you reformed?

Thank you for stopping by, today I introduce you to Preston Sprinkle.

In his recent article he said something really helpful and challenging,

“If believing in the doctrines of grace doesn’t move you to love people different than you, then you don’t really believe in the doctrines of grace. You endorse them. Sign off on them. Nod your head when you’re reading Calvin’s Institutes. But until we love the unlovable, cherished the marginalized, and delight in those who offend us, we fail to imitate the one who died for His enemies.”

I invite you to turn to his blog today and get the full context and article.… Continue reading

Is Las Vegas the Most Dangerous Place?

I wish I had a dollar every time someone told me about the dangers of Las Vegas and why they could not raise a family here. I habitually hear, “Oh, ministry in Sin City? Well, just like Corinth they need the Gospel too.” It seems many Christians think Las Vegas the most dangerous place in the world. After all, this IS Sin City! Right? (Or at least that is how we market our city to you). [1]

Is Las Vegas the most dangerous place to anyone? Let’s face it, everyone knows the Strip has drugs, gambling, free drinks, and prostitution (even though it is technically illegal in Clark County (LV)).… Continue reading

Is Rome a Christian Church?

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about evangelicals, Roman vaticanCatholics and the pope. Whether John Piper’s recent tweet, or the recent march of Evangelical leaders to the Vatican, or the unprecedented interest among prominent evangelical celebrities in the most recent papal election, many are asking anew, or for the first time, is Rome a Christian church and are Catholics brothers in Christ?

Mike Gendron from Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries ruffled more than a few feathers when he said:

“I’m very concerned because what this does is it confuses the average evangelical. Right now, the Body of Christ doesn’t know whether to evangelize Roman Catholics or to join hands with them to go out and evangelize the world, [and] it’s because of people like Rick Warren who either don’t know how exclusive the Gospel of grace is, or he’s not aware of the false and fatal Gospel of the Roman Catholic religion.”

But is he right?… Continue reading

This is Our God. Know Him!

**Time for a little theology. Put those biblically-minded thinking caps on. Here we go!**

Let’s talk about God, shall we?

The Bible teaches that God is both near and far. Put it another way, God is knowable and unknowable. Some believe God is only close and knowable, such as Shintoism, and pantheism, while others see God as only far and unknowable, such as Muslims, Judaism, Christian theism, and Hinduism. However, the understanding of God throughout Scripture is that the unknowable God is knowable (cf. Acts 17:22-31).

The doctrinal formation of God’s knowability and unknowability is divine immanence and divine transcendence.… Continue reading