Empty Chairs

empty chairsI am a church planter, and while that term is loaded with all sorts of baggage, at the end of the day what that ultimately means is that I am a small church pastor. If on any given Sunday there are sixty people in the worship service, that is a banner week, no one is sick, and all of the occasional attendees have chosen that week to come. I love being a small church pastor, but there is something that weighs on my mind in a way that it might not, if I were part of a large staff at a large church.… Continue reading

What We’re Reading

We asked each other four questions. What are you reading? What has the book taught you? Would you recommend it? How (if possible) is this book good for the ministry?

Here are our answers.


I recently finished The Question of Canon by Michael J. Kruger.  What this book has taught me is the importance of keeping up with the current scholarship on issues of biblical textual integrity, transmission and canonicity.  As the form of the attacks on scripture shift so must our response.  I would recommend this book, and see it as very helpful in ministry equipping you to defend and to equip others to defend the canon of scripture against several attacks that are currently in vogue (and regular features of the “experts” arguments on TV).… Continue reading

How the Gospels are Evidence

When engaging unbelievers I consistently hear arguments along this line of reasoning, “There is no scientific proof for the resurrection.”

science_labsThe argument usually presupposes truth can only be determined by one method — scientific research. So, if science and the scientific method must verify a fact, and we are unable to scientifically reproduce the resurrection, then it must be false. Therefore, “Although you believe the Bible, and that is good for you, it is really just myth created for another reason.”

There is a problem with this logic. But before addressing the solution, the problem is usually compounded by the Christian’s response.… Continue reading

Marriage Roles: Trusting God in Submission

Ring in MarriageGod commands and enables every Christian marriage to act as a platform for gospel proclamation.  It is God’s design and intention for every Christian marriage to be a living illustration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  While last post we considered the wife’s glorious and honored position as man’s helper, this post will introduce the role of submission in marriage.

Submission comes from a word in Greek that means “to subordinate” or “put under.” Submission then is simply a women who voluntarily follows the leadership of her husband (Ephesians 5:22; I Peter 3:1). This is something a wife actively does, NOT FORCED upon her by the recipient. … Continue reading

Wanted! The Old, Regenerated, and Reformed

Just recently, our men had the privilege of hearing from a faithful follower of Christ. As I considered the impact his ministry had on us that morning, one truth among many stood out. He was a man who has walked with God for many years. Unfortunately that value is not always seen or appreciated because of our penchant for younger people.

We are impressed with young men who can preach. We are impressed with young people who are brilliant. But it is not often that we are impressed with and grateful for older men and women of the faith. I want you to know that I am grateful for mature godly men and women.… Continue reading