More than Nickels and Noses

imageYesterday was Sunday, the day most churches gather to worship. If averages prove true, yesterday about 70 church congregations met for the last time. Studies show that somewhere between 3500-4000 churches closed their doors for good last year.

Jesus promised to build his church so despite the fact some local congregations cease to exist, this in no way negates Christ’s promise in Matthew 16. Nothing will stop the church, but it doesn’t mean a particular local body will last forever.

Sometimes in a desperate attempt to avoid this plight of the defunct local congregation, churches who struggle with declining attendance, declining giving, and declining enthusiasm will resort to all sorts of gimmickry to attempt to keep the machine running.… Continue reading

Why We Write

calvin-writingI remember the puzzled looks we got back in the early days of PS23 as more and more people found out we were writing on a blog. Some asked, “Is that really good use of your time?” “Don’t you think you’re already doing enough writing?” We still get those questions, and yes, we did a lot of writing. In fact, I did a little math and figured we submitted somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000-3000 pages of writing in seminary (and of course, that’s just one of many disciplines in seminary. We were told in orientation that we’d write about 20,000 pages in totum during our M.Div.… Continue reading

Monthly Manliness: The Daily Essentials

johnLsullivanToday on Parking Space 23 we are kicking off a new series, Monthly Manliness. While the focus is a lighthearted exhortation to recover the lost art of being a proper gentleman, there is a serious side to the series too. Many men, and young men particularly, in the church still act like overgrown boys. This ought not to be, after all, we are commanded to put away childish things (1 Cor 13:11) and to act like men (1 Cor 16:13). And so we at Parking Space 23 want to do our part in helping you man up, especially if you are a leader in the church or hope to be one day.… Continue reading

Knowing God, pt. 2

Last time I wrote, I gave you the first part of a two-part series on the attributes of God. Today, is part two.

I mentioned in that first post that this study came about through a series of teaching with my youth group. I profited much and now I wished to pass it along to you. Besides what greater person could you spend time learning about that the Person of God?!? (no one!!) John-17_3Now, of course, when talking about God, there is no realistic way to be exhaustive in a blog post, but summaries are helpful and a good launching point for your continued understanding of our great God and Savior as revealed in His Word.… Continue reading

The Heart of the Vaccine Debate

Vaccine_KTSMHave you ever sat around the table fellowshipping with  people around you and someone brings up the popular topic of “whether or not we as society should endorse or fight against vaccinations for our children?” Often times the fellowship times turn into both sides of the debate taking arms against each other commencing with firing off facts and opinions or horror stories that start with,” Well my girlfriend said, “ or “ I read this one article.” For some reason this hot topic of whether or not vaccinations should occur has really influenced our society and even crept in the church setting and caused division.… Continue reading