Christian, Be Nice!

smileyfaceAs a Christian, and as a pastor, one of the things that frustrates, and quite frankly saddens, me the most is how some who claim the name of Christ behave on social media.  I get that sitting behind a keyboard provides an emboldening buffer for many, but for those who claim the name of Christ, this ought not to be.  Even when it comes to online interactions God looks on the heart. This is supremely important. So let me be clear; Christian be nice!

When I say be nice, I am saying treat others, including unbelievers and Christians you disagree with, in other words everyone, with kindness gentleness and respect.… Continue reading

United with Christ

Anchored in ChristHave you ever noticed how just a few words fitly spoken can have a powerful impact? It just takes a few. Can you think of some phrases that would fit that principle? For me, the first words that come to mind are “I love you.” You can probably list the people who have said that to you over the years and really meant it. Just three short words comprised of eight simple letters, and yet it can have an incredible impact.

The same is true when it comes to the Word of God. There are many examples in Scripture where just a short phrase makes all the difference in the world.  … Continue reading

Back to the Basics; Genesis

GenesisFor the about the past year I have been preaching through the Gospel of John in the Sunday Morning Service of the local church I serve. One the things I am discovering as I do so is the enormity of God’s grace displayed in the Incarnation. Further, I am in awe of how God has and is fulfilling His promise to Abraham not only in the Incarnation but in its continuing effects today. In order to understand the Abrahamic Covenant and why I see it as this important I want to take you on a tour through the first book of the Bible, Genesis.… Continue reading

Church Planting and Missionaries

3661I’m not really sure if our church plant is normal or abnormal. I have no idea. I’ve done NO research, do not consider doing any research, and have no interest in comparing Cornerstone Las Vegas to any one else. Maybe you’ll read this and laugh at or mock me (if you do, can I join in?). Maybe we’re ahead of the game? I’m not really sure? To be honest, when we took on our first missionaries I didn’t even contemplate IF it was wise, I just considered it the right thing to do.

<– (Hudson Taylor)

God desires churches to partner with missionaries.… Continue reading

Notes on your First Church: Part 2

Planning for Your Future:
Making Ministry Model Decisions Now to Avoid Future Disaster

Churches (and thusly their pastors) often fail by running into a wall or falling off a cliff. A majority of these issues are usually avoidable with prior planning or having a ministry philosophy for the church that accounts for various contingencies. Remember not planning is a plan, it just happens to be a really bad plan.



Planning Issue #1: Church Growth 

  • Who is more spiritual?
    • Church Planting vs. Continued Enlargement: neither is more or less biblical, neither is more or less spiritual, neither is more or less effective.
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