Some Reflections on First Peter

1peter_aThis Sunday (Lord willing) I will preach the final message of my verse by verse exposition of the book of First Peter (yes there are things to learn and apply even in the final greetings of the letter).  Like all preaching, it has been hard work, and joyful work, and of course enormously rewarding work. It is truly a privilege to spend tens of hours a week studying for and then crafting biblical expositions and then delivering them to God’s people for the purpose of edifying them and as an act of worship to the triune God.

In my young ministry, this is the third book, along with Paul’s letter to the Colossians and the Gospel of Mark, I have preached verse by verse here at Piedmont Bible Church.… Continue reading

What We Are Thankful For

Ah, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, for many, is the true beginning of the holiday season in America. These “many” have been fighting off the urge to play Christmas music or scolding everyone they know that Christmas music must never be played until the day after Thanksgiving. They do not like that every nation-wide store has been doing Christmas for a month now or more (Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart come to mind). In their minds, Christmas must wait its turn.Nov Christmas

Now, I love Christmas. I start with one or two Christmas tunes in July-ish, then every month ramp it up until mid-November when I am full board Christmas (in fact, right now I am listening to “Christmas Time Again” by Steven Curtis Chapman).… Continue reading

Why the Law?

imagesThe Law confused me for a few years. The laws within the Law do not always confuse me. Some are pretty clear, “You shall not murder.” If I buy a Hebrew slave, he serves for six years, but on the seventh he goes free (Exodus 20:13 & 21:2). Yet because of the sheer volume, understanding the Law requires (and would have required) a lot of study in order to rightfully interpret and apply it. What confused me was my relationship to the Law and how I, a Gentile believer should view the Law?

This is a simple article, intended to keep the Law and a believer’s relationship to the Law simple.… Continue reading

Be Killing Sin

Be-Killing-Sin-cover-photoBe killing sin or it will be killing you.” ~ John Owen

Sin is out of vogue with Christians today. Nobody wants to hear that they are perverted, disturbed, and deceived at the deepest heart level (Jeremiah 17:9).  Having a frank and serious discussion about sin is not a popular thing to do in many churches in America.  I heard recently that one of the nation’s largest churches has been described as a “sin-free, guilt-free environment,” and for apparently good reason. Sin truly is ugly and it makes people uncomfortable. So pastors have stopped preaching about it and Christians have stopped thinking about it.… Continue reading