A Gospel Conversation (Reprise)

Oh NoThe adult Sunday School Class at the local church I serve has recently taken up the topic of evangelism. In this class we are all seeking to better understand the concept of evangelism and what it is as well as what it is not. During the first part of our study of this topic we are focusing on answering the question “What is the Gospel?” by utilizing the book of the same name authored by Greg Gilbert (reviewed here). As part of this endeavor each week we look to provide biblical answers to questions which arise from our study.Continue reading

Reprise: Worship as a Believer? or Belieber?*


*This was originally published in September 2013

urlWorship… those seven simple letters can conjure up so much meaning, emotion and passion. We worship anything and anyone these days. Last week, close to 27 million viewers tuned into the opening game of the 2013-14 NFL season between the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens, while a Harlequin Romance novel entitled The Hero, by Robyn Carr rose to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. In June of this year, Justin Bieber passed a monumental 40 million twitter followers (as of Jan. 29 2015, that number has now skyrocketed to 59.8M), but was upstaged by Kim Kardashian as the most searched person on the internet so far in 2013.… Continue reading

Why did God tell us about the future?

end is nearI enjoy conversations about end times. It’s fascinating how otherwise mostly like-minded godly people can differ so sharply on the timing and events surrounding the return of King Jesus. These conversations can get complex. It is a complicated conversation because the differences do not start with a discussion of the end, per se, the differences stem from fundamental interpretive differences in how the Bible is read even starting in Genesis. A degree of difference early yields a major chasm at the end. While these discussions about when and how are important, it is vital that we not to get lost in the minutia and forget the most important piece.… Continue reading

How Churches Decide

By nature I don’t startle easily, I remember once at a faculty golf outing I was stung on my neck by a yellow jacket. I calmly asked my partner to hold my club while I pulled out the stinger, put a piece of ice from a cup against the puncture for a minute and then went on to finish the hole. Unfortunately, my partner was so startled and flustered he couldn’t continue; he nearly fainted when I showed him the removed stinger.

I am however, regularly startled by the behavior of churches and ministries that occasionally seek my help or advice.… Continue reading

Leading the Lord’s Supper: A Brief Manual for Pastors

20160218_113822One of the unique privileges of pastoral ministry is the opportunity to regularly lead the body of Christ in remembering the atoning death of Christ through the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper. The Lord’s Supper is a solemn and vital practice in the life of a local church; a tangible way for Christ’s redeemed people to remember the greatness of our Savior and the sufficiency of his sacrificial death to fully atone for our sins past, present, and future.

What follows is essentially a brief manual I put together for the purpose of helping the leaders of our church identify the basic elements involved in leading our congregation in the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper and to unify our leadership team in the way each of us leads our church in observing this vital ordinance.… Continue reading