Making My Theology Work: An Introduction

MakingmytheologyworkToday on Parking Space 23, I want to introduce a new and deeply personal series, “Making My Theology Work.”  My wife has a chronic neurological disorder called CDEM (it is kind of like MS, although the disease action that produces the actual injuries in the brain is different) which causes her nearly constant, widespread, varied, and at times quite severe pain. She also has limited mobility, most days she walks with a cane, although some days require a walker, and some even a wheel chair. Although there is no cure (there are treatments that may help) there is hope, because our hope is in God, and He has promised for His people there will be a pain free, tear free, eternity with Him (Revelation 21:3-4); our hope is in Him and that Great Day.… Continue reading

Happy Post-Resurrection Sunday

We pray you had a great Resurrection Sunday yesterday. If your church is like our churches, then there were unbeliever guests at church with you for their yearly visit.

Let us join together to pray for those who do not know Christ but visited our churches. Pray they respond to the Gospel message, the Lord saves them, and an opportunity to make them a disciple.

Hope you had a great day!



Back to the Basics: The Canon of Scripture

Back to BasicsMany times when a Christian encounters push back concerning the Faith, it comes in the form of questions and questioning about the Bible. In some of these cases it is a matter of how the Bible came to be recognized, compiled or created. In order to lay some ground work for a better understanding of this subject I would like us to look to the New Testament as an example of how the Bible came to be. The format for this post will be a bit unorthodox as it is presented as a series of questions and answers followed by some recommendations for further study, all for the purpose of taking us Back to the Basics.… Continue reading

I’m not always right, but I always think I am

In the midst of a contentious discussion that doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere, have you always-rightever had someone tell you, “You always think you’re right!” In my less sanctified moments, I have said, “Of course I do. Don’t you always think you are right?”  If you thought you were wrong you would have to be a special kind of arrogant to argue for a position you don’t actually believe. People have a sense of right and wrong and are willing to quarrel to prove their rightness. The truth is, I’m not always right, but I always think I am.… Continue reading

My Hope and Joy during this Horrendous Week

It’s been a tough week. Not sure if you feel this way, but I’m sure you can relate. To be honest, I have no desire to write . . . Some rather heavy news from my former church (#bringbackLexi), friends, family, church family, and trials in friend’s lives have made this a rather sober week. Sheesh, it’s only Tuesday . . . bar none, one of the longest weeks of my life. I’ve cried more this week than in the last year but also prayed more too. I’m going to confess at the start . . . I’m not editing this.… Continue reading