Lessons Learned at My First VBS

VBSFor the majority of this week the local church I serve has been conducting its annual Vacation Bible School. For many this activity was a rite of passage sort of event in the establishment and development of their Christian walk, for me it was not. As a matter of fact, before I was blessed to serve as the Pastor of my local church I had never attended nor served in a Vacation Bible School (VBS) – EVER! So it is natural that you might be thinking this is the point I begin my diatribe detailing what I believe to be the “evils” of VBS and frankly four years ago you may have been correct.Continue reading

Hebrews more than Coffee

Most of my friends know I love coffee. So, it only goes without saying that ,naturally, I’m drawn to the one book in the Bible where God teaches men are called to be the coffee makers: “He-brews.” (Lol, yes, I really am the funniest guy I know). 🙂

4027007xIn all seriousness in my second year in Seminary, I took an exegesis of Hebrews class. My life has never been the same. Why study Hebrews?

The student of Hebrews learns christology, ecclesiology, anthropology, sanctification, substitutionary atonement, eschatology, suffering, and perseverance all intertwined into a beautiful tapestry displaying Christ in all His splendor.Continue reading

Providence in the Midst of Political Theater 

[Disclaimer: Admittedly I write this an American citizen who has never voted. Having grown up on the Tuscarora Indian Reservation even though I may not be an enrolled member, out of respect for my Tuscarora fathers, who never voted because for them it would be tantamount to a sacrifice of Tuscarora sovereignty, I have never voted.]

donald-trump-had-the-most-fitting-entrance-possible-to-the-republican-national-conventionLast week we witnessed the Republican National Convention and this week the Democratic National Convention takes center stage. As we prepare for an “interesting” (for the lack of a better phrase) presidential race, I am drawn to lessons we must learn from Ezra 1–6.… Continue reading

Being a Spiritual Dad

I am not a father. I do not have children. My wife and I would love to have children, but God has not permitted that for us in our first 9 years of marriage. Now because I am not a dad, my usual reaction to all books and sermons and being a dad or raising kids is one of checking out. “I am not in that stage of life,” I tell myself. “Therefore, I will move on to other things.” Like I said, this is my usual reaction ….. until a few weeks ago when my pastor preached a sermon on “What Every Dad Must Do” from Psalm 145.… Continue reading

Navigating a Lost World

HopeWe are only half way through the year and it seems the whole world in 2016 has been set on fire. Report after report of turmoil in our country and the rest of the world seem to snowball into even greater tragedies day by day. Murder, racism, terrorist attacks, government scandals, police killings, and the list goes on. At some level these atrocities came at a surprise to me. Another mass-shooting again? Another terrorist attack? Really? But on the other hand I also realize that the world is filled with sinful people who do sinful things. My heart continues to hurt for this sinful world.… Continue reading