The Sin of Inflation

As election season approaches one common (and maybe the most common) political issue for Christians is abortion (see Pastor Chester’s post from yesterday). In most elections this seems to be the deciding factor for every elected official. Abortion is sin. Killing people and placing it under the banner of “Women’s right” or “Family planning” is calling dark light.

Still the levels of injustice seen in other areas of government are cause for GREAT concern. Currently the US prints money on demand. The effect of our continuous printing devalues our currency. The more money flooding the market, the less that money is worth.… Continue reading

Abortion And The Social Gospel

dustupLast week there was a major dustup in conservative evangelicalism. It was precipitated when an anti-abortion activist, from the group Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) organized an angry protest outside of Heritage Grace Community Church in Frisco, Texas, demanding they repent of the “sin” of not opposing abortion in the exact same way they do. Heritage Grace is a small church (they don’t even have their own building to meet in), less than 100 people, but it that rarest of things, a faithful biblical church that is deeply committed to evangelism.  [That is almost certainly the only reason HGCC wound up on the radar of AHA.… Continue reading

Accountability – Who Needs It?

PGA Tour golfer Bubba Watson is well known for his massive power, his pink driver shaft, his left-handed swing, and for twice winning the annual Masters Tournament (including this spectacular shot to seal his first win in 2012). But he is nearly as well known among die-hard PGA tour fans for having never taken an official golf lesson. When he has a problem with a shot, or a consistent problem with his swing, it’s up to him to diagnose it – and he is evidently very good at it, as his results demonstrate.
Bubba Watson Pink Driver

However, Bubba’s independence is not the norm for most professional golfers – or anyone else in almost any other area of life.… Continue reading

Looking Forward to My Obituary

A long, long time ago in …no wait that’s an entirely different story. Last year as I was working on furthering my theological education one of the classes I took had each student write an obituary of sorts. The goal of the assignment was to write a short biography of one’s life and ministry thinking forward to how one would like to end the race. As God’s providence would have it, I have been giving more thought to such things lately as I have been confronted repeatedly with evidence that I am not as young as I was or think I am now.… Continue reading

A God without Lines

Unknown-1Forgiveness can be hard. I mean, it’s easy to forgive you when you step on my toe and I know (or can chalk it up) to an accident. But throw habitual sin into the mix and forgiveness gets tough. Some of us have dealt with the same sin over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over . . . and over again (It’s annoying!). How does a believer respond? It’s tough. For many, we want to draw a line in the sand and say, “This is the line. When you cross it, it’s over and I’m out.”

Put yourself in his or her shoes for a second.… Continue reading