Blow the Shophar! It’s a New Year!

screenshot-2016-12-27-11-29-09Are you thinking about making any New Year’s resolutions? You know what folk wisdom says about that: “New Year’s resolutions go in one year and out the other.” We all know that most of the leaves we turn over in January have already started to fall by the end of the month. Therefore, let’s turn to the Word of God for instruction. Let’s see what Scripture declares about the concept of New Year. Does God’s written revelation provide any basis for Christians to celebrate the arrival of a New Year? According to Leviticus 23:23–25 and Numbers 29:1–6, the Lord commanded Israel to observe the Feast of Trumpets—also known as the New Year.… Continue reading

It’s Not about Reading to Read

UnknownReading through your Bible has become a year-end advertisement, resolution, and chore list. I would like to encourage you not to not do it. This may seem like an odd request, but I want to drive past the activity and look at the heart. I don’t want you to grab a plan, make plans, and follow through with those plans so you can say you read through your Bible.

I would rather you simply say, “I’m committed to learning about my Lord and Savior, therefore I need to read my Bible because it is the source of light in this dark world.”

He Came to Save

One of the things my wife and I enjoy doing together is going to garage sales (call me an odd husband, but it’s true). There is something fun about walking through other people’s junk, seeing what they think it is worth and trying to get a good deal. Now, during this process, I always come across things in which I have no idea the item’s purpose. Even funnier is when I ask the seller and they don’t have a clue either.

Now during Christmas time, we usually sing silly songs about Santa, snow, cold weather, snowmen, reindeer, the Christmas tree, family, holly and ivy plants, coming home, bells, the twelve days before Christmas, ding dongs, three ships sailing, and that all I want for Christmas is you.… Continue reading

What’s in Your Crèche This Christmas?

lamb-in-crècheA crèche is a manger scene, a nativity, which many people display at Christmas. What’s in your crèche’s manger this Christmas? Does your nativity scene remind you and those who visit your home that God sent a Savior to redeem us from our sins? Jesus did enter this world as a baby—just like the infant depicted in most manger scenes. However, the crèche does not display our Savior’s astounding résumé. Before the Spirit of God conceived His humanity within Mary’s womb, Jesus qualified uniquely to be our Lord and our Redeemer. As the Son of God He had already acted as the Logos (the Word) and the Light of the world.… Continue reading

Reprise: You’re Using It Wrong: Mark 12:41-44

If you have been around the church for any length of time, odds are you Zeferino_da_Costa_The_widows_mite-largehave heard someone say that you need to give sacrificially to the church, just like the widow who gave her last two mites.

This widow of course is the widow from Mark 12:41-44 (cf Lk 21:1-4) who puts two small copper coins into the treasury collection box at the temple, while others are putting in great sums. Jesus says that she gave more than all of the others because she gave out of her poverty, and He did say that she gave all she had.… Continue reading