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Allen serves as the Lead Pastor at Sunrise Community Church in Atlantic Beach, FL, in the Jacksonville area. He graduated from The Master's Seminary (MDiv) in 2005 and is currently working on a DMin degree at Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY. Allen is married to Mindy and has three awesome kids.

Sin is Lying to You

There was once a little boy who prayed, “God, if you can’t make me a better boy, that’s OK, I’m having fun just the way I am.” I think there’s a little bit of that boy in all of us. We know that we should fight sin. We know we need to put it to death wherever we find it, but if we are honest, we have to admit there are some dark corners of our hearts that we prefer to keep dark.

Augustine made a similar confession in his days prior to his conversion: “Give me chastity, but not yet.” Christians don’t have the option to wink at sin and say, not yet.… Continue reading

Owning Your Bias

Illustration of blindfolded lady facing front holding and raising up weighing scales of justice set inside circle on isolated background.

Do you think you are an objective person? Most of us probably think we are. Who wants to admit they are biased or prejudiced? I think most of us fancy ourselves to be like lady justice to the left, impartial scales and a blindfold, able to lay aside all bias and render equitable judgments. But are we really impartial? I want to submit that we are more partial than we may realize. It’s not that we are trying to skew the facts, it’s simply part of our sin nature.

If you think you have no bias, tell me this, have you ever watched a sporting event with an avid fan of the other team?… Continue reading

Luxury or Necessity?

in-car-wifiAs if our world isn’t already connected and distracted enough, some cars are enabled with their own wifi hotspot. Between the two cars we have for me and my wife, we have 29 years and about 380k miles. We like our vehicles broken in. If there is a hotspot on my 98 Wrangler, it’s because the thermostat has stuck again, but that’s another post. While the hotspot sounds cool (and has actually been around a little while) I doubt many consider it a necessity. It’s likely a short lived phenomenon as so many have devices which do the same job, time will tell.… Continue reading

A Call for Wisdom on Social Media

In the late 1930’s, a somewhat disenfranchised Francis Schaeffer was convinced the world was coming to an end. His mentor, Allan MacRae, counseled: “Such upheavals as we are now witnessing have occurred at many periods in history, although modern mechanical inventions make them cover a wider territory ritory within a shorter interval. Also, the radio and similar news-spreading spreading devices make us more immediately aware of what is going on.” (Francis Schaeffer and the Shaping of Evangelical America). Schaeffer watched a revolution of both worldview and technology during his lifetime (1912-1984).

With the advent of social media, we are connected in ways that would have been unimaginable to previous generations.… Continue reading

Idolatry and Antiquity: Why we don’t have the the copy from Paul’s pen

In Kiev, Ukraine there is a place called Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. This holy site is the birthplace of the Russian Orthodox church. The grounds are frequented by many pilgrims every day. At the surface level, you can see a series of beautiful old buildings with the classic Eastern

kiev caves

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Orthodox church architecture, complete with gold domes and lively colors. But the topside is only half the story. The real history lies in the caves below. Due to the conditions underneath the earth, the caves were used to naturally mummify the “saints” who originally founded the church. And they’re still down there.… Continue reading