About Greg Peterson

Greg received his B.A. from Moody Bible Institute in Bible & Theology and his M. Div and Th. M. from The Master's Seminary. Greg has served in various areas of the church, including youth, senior adults, events, and choir. Greg currently serves as the Youth Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Springdale, AR. Greg is married to Michelle and looks forward to one day being blessed with children.

Godly Music Genre?

Ahhhh, music and Christians. I remember the 90s and the “worship wars” that happened. Some churches believed (and taught) that God’s music only came from the hymnal and only played on the organ & piano. Guitars, drums, and basically any other instrument is out of the question. Furthermore, any genre outside hymnody was out. All styles of music for the Christian are really just one style: hymns – the older, the better.

Now, as you may know (or not know, so I will expose you to it), these beliefs have not disappeared. In fact, last night I had one of my youth (a 14 year old young man) approach me about this very issue.… Continue reading

Marks of a Good Church

Recently, I went to South Africa. My wife and I were visiting a couple that we knew from seminary who are now doing gospel work in Nelspruit, South Africa. Our goal in going was to come alongside them in their church plant for encouragement, support, uplifting, and some Bible-training with their church. It was a precious time to be with them and I am grateful to the Lord of their friendship and work in the Lord.

While we were there, focused on serving them, I was taken aback at how strangely churchcomfortable I was. This “comfort” was not certainly not due to culture, as South Africa definitely has a different culture and way of doing life than my NW Arkansas culture.… Continue reading

Lessons from Ruth

All of last semester, I had the privilege of walking my youth through the book of Ruth. It is a short story, but in it are simple and profound truths. Diving deep into its contents you will find themes of working faith, repentance, kindness, covenant faithfulness, loyalty, redemption, modesty, and integrity. In each of these, you will find encouragement for your soul and blessing to live the life of a godly man or woman.

Last Wednesday, I gave my students some concluding truths from the book of Ruth that I would like to share with you today.

God Works in the Ordinary, So Be Ordinary.Continue reading

Youth Ministry … of course!

I have now been a full-time, vocational youth pastor for almost 3 years (party hats! Whoop whoop!) Every year I grow more and more in love with teenagers and in the conviction of the importance of specific ministry toward them. To pass on seeing the importance of youth ministry in the local church is to pass on faithfully shepherding a needy section of the church. It is enjoyable and fun, but youth ministry is also challenging and demanding. It is in every since, work! Why? Simply, youth are people (against popular opinion 🙂 ) who have emotions, make decisions, must live with the consequences of those decisions, and who also have a spiritual life that God is interested in.… Continue reading

He Came to Save

One of the things my wife and I enjoy doing together is going to garage sales (call me an odd husband, but it’s true). There is something fun about walking through other people’s junk, seeing what they think it is worth and trying to get a good deal. Now, during this process, I always come across things in which I have no idea the item’s purpose. Even funnier is when I ask the seller and they don’t have a clue either.

Now during Christmas time, we usually sing silly songs about Santa, snow, cold weather, snowmen, reindeer, the Christmas tree, family, holly and ivy plants, coming home, bells, the twelve days before Christmas, ding dongs, three ships sailing, and that all I want for Christmas is you.… Continue reading