Jason Vaughn

About Jason Vaughn

Jason is a graduate of the Master's Seminary and the pastor of Cornerstone Las Vegas, a Grace Advance church plant. He loves Christ, his wife Kyla, sometimes his kids :), the church, missions, people, and coffee. You can also follow him on his personal blog at shepherdthesheep.com.

Israel’s Missionary Work

Dr. Barrick began our series on missions discussing its relationship to Christ’s resurrection. This article seeks to evaluate missions in the Old Testament context between the Lord and Israel. When using missions, we mean to communicate evangelizing the nations about the grace of our Lord. Hudson Taylor, going to a foreign land, learning the language, and preaching the Gospel exemplifies missions. But is this a NT concept?

Like fingers running down a chalkboard is the concept that God did not have a heart for the nations until after Jesus’s resurrection. Yet, I also understand why people think and teach this.… Continue reading

Family, Friend, and Fellowship Dates

My kids like to play games. They LOVE video games. I would be shocked if anyone was shocked by this revelation. I don’t mind playing video games with them, but I hate how little interaction exists between the family. Television events are okay, but they are low on my preference list. I prefer to interact with people, especially my family. So, in early 2016 I decided to change this up and started looking into board games. Board games provide us an opportunity to sit around the same table, with a common objective, have fun, and interact with each other. In fact, the ones we play, teach our children how to evaluate the situation, make plans, work them out, and think for themselves.… Continue reading

Uniformity or Unity

Sometimes I wonder what kind of unity uniformity people are looking for in Christendom? Our Lord desires us to be unified (Ephesians 4:1-16). Has His desire been twisted in our approach and mindset so that we really define unity as uniformity? Let’s be honest, there are different circles in this world of Christians with different preferences, approaches, and theological convictions. There is the Charismatic, Baptist, Bible, Presbyterian, and Lutheran circle, to just name a tiny iota. Worship music and liturgy preferences define another group of circles. Now with these differences and the call to unity, how do we navigate these waters?… Continue reading

Judge Not?

1375985_820852567971891_7567170042034129667_nIn light of recent trends from people to “encourage” Christians to stop being judgmental, I think this post will be helpful to show the absurdity of their claims to us. The following is taken from Shepherdthesheep.com.

There are two common expressions I hear from people used to defend a belief or action. In fact, most of us have probably encountered it, if not used it at one point in our life. For instance, your sibling is cheating on her husband and you tell her it is a sin and she needs to repent. What is the common response? “Stop judging me.”

The second common response I hear, “Well this is my experience and you cannot tell me I am wrong.” I have also heard, “The Lord told me in a dream the other night .… Continue reading

Why Movie, When you can Spiritual?

“Why would we go to a movie when we could do something spiritual like pray, read our Bibles, evangelize, or serve the body?” Most of us have heard or used this logic before. I’ve heard (and used) other subjects instead of movies: television, video games, board games, sports, beverage choices, or any hobby. I certainly can remember using this line of reasoning too.

The Problem

The line of reasoning, on the surface, appears holy and god-exalting. I mean, when we really weigh reading Scripture and watching a movie, who would say a movie is godlier than Scripture? The problem often presents itself when this reasoning is used to denounce and judge a person for watching television, movies, or any other “fun” activity.… Continue reading