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About Jason Vaughn

Jason is a graduate of the Master's Seminary and the pastor of Cornerstone Las Vegas, a Grace Advance church plant. He loves Christ, his wife Kyla, sometimes his kids :), the church, missions, people, and coffee. You can also follow him on his personal blog at shepherdthesheep.com.

Judge Not?

1375985_820852567971891_7567170042034129667_nIn light of recent trends from people to “encourage” Christians to stop being judgmental, I think this post will be helpful to show the absurdity of their claims to us. The following is taken from Shepherdthesheep.com.

There are two common expressions I hear from people used to defend a belief or action. In fact, most of us have probably encountered it, if not used it at one point in our life. For instance, your sibling is cheating on her husband and you tell her it is a sin and she needs to repent. What is the common response? “Stop judging me.”

The second common response I hear, “Well this is my experience and you cannot tell me I am wrong.” I have also heard, “The Lord told me in a dream the other night .… Continue reading

Why Movie, When you can Spiritual?

“Why would we go to a movie when we could do something spiritual like pray, read our Bibles, evangelize, or serve the body?” Most of us have heard or used this logic before. I’ve heard (and used) other subjects instead of movies: television, video games, board games, sports, beverage choices, or any hobby. I certainly can remember using this line of reasoning too.

The Problem

The line of reasoning, on the surface, appears holy and god-exalting. I mean, when we really weigh reading Scripture and watching a movie, who would say a movie is godlier than Scripture? The problem often presents itself when this reasoning is used to denounce and judge a person for watching television, movies, or any other “fun” activity.… Continue reading

Be a Peacemaker

“Blessed are the peacemakers” — Jesus.

I’m sure for the TBN viewer and habitual fan, the word “blessing” floods the mind with great health, financial prosperity, exemplary status, and your best life now. But to Jesus’s disciples, “blessed” provides the hope of eternal bliss with our Lord. True blessing and happiness does not rest in earthly possessions, but in the eternal blessing of having the Creator of the world as our true Father. He adopts us into His family, we are literally sons of God — children of God. To cry “Abba Father” is a literal cry to our adopted Father.… Continue reading

God’s First Impression

UnknownFirst impressions are said to last a life time. For the Christian, this is not true. When I meet a young Christian, I know he will be different and more mature next year. God conforms people to be in his image (2 Corinthians 3:18). A 40 year old Christian will look more like Christ than a brand new (6 week old) Christian (time references the new birth, not natural here). This is a life-long process in one sense. The Lord teaches me something, shapes my thinking, changes my actions, and matures me to be more like Him (Hebrews 5:14). But even unbelievers mature.… Continue reading

Live Update: The Reformation

unknownFor our regular readers, you probably noticed a break this week. In the life of pastoral ministry things get greatly crazy. I define crazy as great because busy serving family and church are a joy and privilege I greatly enjoy. To be physically worn out at night after spending time with the church and family is a great privilege  . . . and I love going to bed exhausted, the sleep is superb!!

In the midst of this craziness, the church served me by sending me to a week long seminar on the Protestant Reformation at The Master’s Seminary taught by Dr.… Continue reading