Group Post – Books on Pastoral Ministry

Occasionally we like to do a group post here at PS23. As pastors, we are all constantly reading. Sometimes there is great value in hearing about what resources have had an impact on others. This post is asking the guys a simple question: what books would you recommend on pastoral ministry?

Jason Vaughn

Stuart Scott’s pamphlet “From Pride to Humility” is a must read! The obvious answer to the question would be some book with a title containing “pastoral ministry etc” . . . But, ministry is serving and the rewards or product is the Trinity’s glory! Nothing threatens our work like pride.… Continue reading

Reading Recommendations

One blessing about pastoral ministry is the need to read. We asked each regular contributor two questions: “What are you currently reading?” and “What is the best book you’ve read so far in 2016?” Please feel free to pass on what you’re reading and make recommendations to us.

Dr. Dennis M. Swanson

I recently finished what I think will be a standard work on the subject of the Bible for many years. The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scriptures (Eerdmans 2016) edited by D. A. Carson is one of those “once in a decade” works. A comprehensive examination of Scripture from evangelical scholars, a project about 10 years in the making.… Continue reading

Happy Post-Resurrection Sunday

We pray you had a great Resurrection Sunday yesterday. If your church is like our churches, then there were unbeliever guests at church with you for their yearly visit.

Let us join together to pray for those who do not know Christ but visited our churches. Pray they respond to the Gospel message, the Lord saves them, and an opportunity to make them a disciple.

Hope you had a great day!



What We Read in 2015

Maybe you love to read. Maybe you hate to read. Maybe you make time to read. Maybe you try to find every excuse possible to avoid reading. Maybe you start a book and not pick up another book until that one is finished. Maybe you start 15-20 books and only finish half…………..maybe. 🙂

child-readingHowever you slice it, reading is a part of life. For Christians, it is our life because God has given us a book to read: the Bible. So, Christian, you are a reader whether you like it or love it.

Thankfully, God has also given many good teachers who are also writers and that is where this blog post comes from.… Continue reading

PS23 Discussion: Evangelizing Family

PS23, joined with two guest, Eric Dodson and Nate Pickowizc, gather to discuss the nuances of evangelizing family. You can watch / listen to the full video. But you can also scroll down and follow specific quesitons in the video.

Full Video

How do we evangelize our family? What main principles do we need to consider? Here.

How do we evangelize unbelieving spouses? Here.

What hills do we need to die on when dealing with family members? Here.

How do you deal with difficult family members? Here.

How do we evangelize our children and other children?… Continue reading