Back to the Basics; Reintroduction


Back to BasicsOver the course of ParkingSpace23’s existence there have been a variety of posts published by our contributors under the heading “Back to the Basics.” It would appear the goal of these posts is to help provide a foundation for understanding topics which in many cases might be considered fundamental to the Faith. Having gone back to review many of these older posts I have discovered what a great resource they truly are to all folks who have questions regarding the topics addressed. Therefore, on behalf of my fellow contributors and our readers it is my desire to do a type of “reset” of this portion of the blog.

First of all the entries in this series will continue to be titled as “Back to the Basics: Topic listed Here.” Likewise, these posts will continue to be tagged under the description “Back to the Basics” to assist in searching our site. And in the same way that we post a “reprise” of an entry we think has been helpful in the past, as this revamped series addresses topics previously posted we will seek to reacquaint you with those earlier posts. Finally, it will be my goal to keep these posts at a basic or entry level; however, I will endeavor to include resource recommendations for further study for those readers who have such desires.

Before closing I wanted to provide an idea of what sorts of topics you can expect to topicsread about in this series. As a template of sorts I am using the Statement of Faith with which we here at ParkingSpace23 have agreed upon as addressing key tenets of the Christian Faith. This same document also serves as a starting point for those of us currently serving in pastoral ministry in serving our local congregations. Thus we will begin by taking a look at various aspects of the Bible, God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), Man, Salvation, and the Church. While there are many other topics which will be included this list ought to serve us well for the foreseeable future.

In our next post we will take a look at some of the basic information concerning the Canon of Scripture – unless, of course, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ should return first, in which case all our questions will be answered.

Post Script: If any of you, as our audience, have a topic you think would make a good post in this series please include it in the comments section below. I cannot promise all or even any will be included, but we make no claims to having all the good ideas about what makes a good blog post subject.