Should Archaeology Matter to Bible Believing Christians?

Archaeology_TrowelWhen Christians think and speak about defending or sharing the Christian faith with the people around them—the Scripture itself must be our first line of defense and reasoning. Scripture stands by itself as the infallible, inspired and inerrant Word of God. Scripture is God’s conduit by which He redeems lost sinners and changes the hearts of man (Romans 10:17). Even with holding the authoritative Word of God as the ultimate resource, there are still many who endeavor to defend the faith by first turning to archaeology, philosophical arguments, scientific proofs and rebuttals, canonicity or textual criticism to defend the veracity of the Bible and add to its credibility in the eyes of the unbelieving world.… Continue reading

Back To The Basics: Apologetics Pt4 – Classical Apologetics

ApologeticsClassical apologetics is a two step approach to arguing for the Christian world view.  First it argues for a god, and after offering what it views as satisfactory arguments, it then progresses to arguing for the Christian triune God.

There are some positive aspects of classical apologetics.  It seeks to show that faith and reason are consistent, which is a noble aim and has been of service to countless believers, buttressing their faith.  Also the classical approach historically has been at the forefront of the apologetic efforts of the church as the preferred method of many staunch defenders of orthodoxy like Augustine, Hugo Grotius and B.B.… Continue reading

Back To The Basics: Apolegetic Pt 3 – Presuppositional Apologetics


ApologeticsThe goal of presuppositional apologetics, like all other apologetic methods is to provide a rational basis for Christian faith.  It does so by defending Christianity against the counter claims of non-religious world views such as atheism or secular humanism and against the claims of other religions.  It also is used to attack (intellectually, we must always be winsome in an apologetic encounter) the claims of other world views and to show not only that Christian faith is reasonable, but that it is sure and that all other world views and religions are absolutely false (it is much more suited to this latter task than other apologetic methods).… Continue reading

Back to the Basics: Apologetics Pt. 1 A Historical Perspective

ApologeticsApologetics is one of the most misunderstood and misused terms in the modern evangelical church.  Too often it has come to mean having a contentious disagreement with an unbeliever (or especially a professing atheist) and clobbering them in the argument.  But that is not apologetics!  That is simply trying to sanctify obnoxious behavior.  So what is apologetics?  In short, it is believers giving an answer for the hope that is within them.  But the long answer is a little more involved, but still basic to the Christian life.  So I want to kick off a little sub series on apologetics as part of our back to the basics series here on Parking Space 23.… Continue reading

So What Is A Worldview Anyway?

worldview1There are few terms that have as much cache these days as “worldview.” If you turn on the news or peruse the blogosphere you are likely to hear or read about clashes between worldviews, the importance of having a correct or Christian worldview; or maybe even the danger of the bogey-man of a secular or humanistic worldview.

While these are important things, what concerns me most is that 95% of those using the term “worldview” don’t know what it actually means.  I sincerely want you to have a Christian worldview, but before you can you need to know what a worldview is.… Continue reading