The Heart of the Vaccine Debate

Vaccine_KTSMHave you ever sat around the table fellowshipping with  people around you and someone brings up the popular topic of “whether or not we as society should endorse or fight against vaccinations for our children?” Often times the fellowship times turn into both sides of the debate taking arms against each other commencing with firing off facts and opinions or horror stories that start with,” Well my girlfriend said, “ or “ I read this one article.” For some reason this hot topic of whether or not vaccinations should occur has really influenced our society and even crept in the church setting and caused division.… Continue reading

DIY: Discussing a Book You’ve Never Read — And Don’t Need To

Recently the PS23 men discussed the books our flock recommends to us. All of us are encouraged to hear our peoples’ desire to study and know Christ better. Yet each of us lives with one simple reality: lack of time. Now, one book recommendation from you may not be much. In fact, it may be only 100 pages and a 30 minute read while eating Oreos dunked in milk . . . Oreos . . . eat them . . . back to blog. images100 pages is not very much. But what if your book recommendation accompanies three other people?… Continue reading

PS23 Discussions: Defending the Word III

The men answer questions and criticisms regarding the Word of God. They continue by evaluating psychology/science (FYI: I did a more elaborated blog post of my response to science here and here), emphasis in preaching, and a few other topics. Please feel free to add to the discussion, ask questions, and challenge us where we have missed something. (None of us are perfect and all of us can use correction and grow in understanding).


Just a final comment. We have decided to send a free copy of Kevin DeYoung’s book on Scripture to the best answer or critique offered us on the blog.… Continue reading

PS23 Discussions: Defending the Word II

The PS23 men discussed the Word of God. In part 1, the men analyzed what God says about HIs Word. In this discussion, the men answer common critiques about God’s Word. We pray our answers help you navigate and defend His Word. Discussion questions include:

  • That’s just your interpretation.
  • The Spirit speaks outside the Word.
  • Does experience trump the Word of God?
  • What is the danger of relying on your own interpretation?
  • Science proves the Word inaccurate.

Feel free to critique, challenge, or discuss any of our answers or give us insight regarding what we missed. There will be a part 3 answering more questions.… Continue reading

PS23 Discussions: Thankfulness

In the second installment of our discussions series I got Darren, Jason, and John together to discuss thankfulness. It was an encouraging time for all of us, and we pray it blesses you as well.

If you have a topic, you’d like us to talk about, let us know in the comment selection below.