Blow the Shophar! It’s a New Year!

screenshot-2016-12-27-11-29-09Are you thinking about making any New Year’s resolutions? You know what folk wisdom says about that: “New Year’s resolutions go in one year and out the other.” We all know that most of the leaves we turn over in January have already started to fall by the end of the month. Therefore, let’s turn to the Word of God for instruction. Let’s see what Scripture declares about the concept of New Year. Does God’s written revelation provide any basis for Christians to celebrate the arrival of a New Year? According to Leviticus 23:23–25 and Numbers 29:1–6, the Lord commanded Israel to observe the Feast of Trumpets—also known as the New Year.… Continue reading

Christmas: Another Proof for Premillennial Eschatology

The manifold proofs for a premillennial understanding of biblical eschatology are extensive. Great books over the last 50 or so years have been written to show that the Bible does1 indeed teach a pre-tribulational, premillennial eschatology. To deny this truth is to have a presupposition already in place for which you refuse to give up (e.g., “I believe in reformed theology, therefore I am Amillennial in my eschatology”). With that said, I believe the Christmas story is yet another proof (yes, proof!) of a premillennial understanding of biblical eschatology.

How do I arrive at that? Simply, I read the Christmas account as presented by Luke.… Continue reading

Is The State of Israel Eschatological Israel?

israelli_flagThis past week I filled out a multiple choice theological questionnaire, and unsurprisingly, I found many of the questions, or more specifically the answers to the questions, woefully inadequate. This was especially true when the questions pertained to eschatology and Israel. The answers always basically boiled down to either national Israel has no future in God’s plans or the modern State of Israel will be the vehicle for all fulfillment of eschatological prophecy. These were woefully inadequate choices, and what is worse the questionnaire was from a dispensational source. In my mind that makes it much worse because I would expect those who approach the prophecies concerning the future restoration of Israel with a true grammatical-historical hermeneutic to take seriously what they say and be careful and thoughtful in their interpretation.… Continue reading