Why is Bible translation an important missions ministry?

The Word of God must be at the core of all missions strategy. Without the Word of God, no ministry can be satisfactorily performed—

  • the Word provides the authority for ministry,
  • the instruction for ministry,
  • the power of ministry, and
  • the message of ministry.

To all of this nearly all agree. But what we too often neglect is how Bible translation fits into missions strategy.

Bible Translation and Evangelism

First of all, James 1:18 and 1 Peter 1:23 declare that the new birth itself is by means of the Word of God. That means that a missionary must speak from the Bible in the language of the people in order to evangelize.… Continue reading

Is Mockery Compatible with The Great Commision?

I try never to get in online arguments. I don’t think they are a good witness, I don’t think they are productive and I don’t think they change anyone’s mind. In other words, I think they are counterproductive.  (I readily admit that I am not perfect in this, but I’m trying. I’ve committed Proverbs 26:17 to memory and to heart.)  So many times I won’t engage in debate, but make a general statement that is directed at no one in particular that I believe to biblical wisdom.

This is what I was doing when I tweeted what I thought was an exceedingly non-controversial statement “Fulfilling the great commission and mocking the lost are mutually exclusive activities.” But apparently, I was wrong, according to the internet, Stephen was stoned for mocking unbelievers, Paul mocked unbelievers during his Aeropagus address, and Jesus was a regular mocker of unbelievers during his earthly ministry.  … Continue reading

Reprise: A Gospel Conversation

Oh NoThe adult Sunday School Class at the local church I serve has recently taken up the topic of evangelism. In this class we are all seeking to better understand the concept of evangelism and what it is as well as what it is not. During the first part of our study of this topic we are focusing on answering the question “What is the Gospel?” by utilizing the book of the same name authored by Greg Gilbert (reviewed here). As part of this endeavor each week we look to provide biblical answers to questions which arise from our study.Continue reading

Ministry in a Nutshell

PlantingPlanting and waiting.  That, I am learning, is the essence of biblical ministry.  It is perhaps the most important lesson I have been learning over the last few years, at least as it concerns my life as a pastor.

Of all the things that I long to see happen in, around, and as a result of my ministry, I have no power whatsoever to make happen.  I cannot save a single soul.  I cannot make a single Christian more like Christ.  I cannot cause a single saint to endure to the end of his life in faithfulness to Christ.

Beyond these things, I cannot heal a single marriage. … Continue reading

What’s in Your Crèche This Christmas?

lamb-in-crècheA crèche is a manger scene, a nativity, which many people display at Christmas. What’s in your crèche’s manger this Christmas? Does your nativity scene remind you and those who visit your home that God sent a Savior to redeem us from our sins? Jesus did enter this world as a baby—just like the infant depicted in most manger scenes. However, the crèche does not display our Savior’s astounding résumé. Before the Spirit of God conceived His humanity within Mary’s womb, Jesus qualified uniquely to be our Lord and our Redeemer. As the Son of God He had already acted as the Logos (the Word) and the Light of the world.… Continue reading