The Consequences of an Easy Gospel

A common strategy in sales (or at least a stereotype of the sales world) is to present a product to someone while maximizing the benefits but minimizing the drawbacks. After all, who wants to highlight why a product you are buying is not necessarily exactly what you want?


Unfortunately, this mentality is not limited to the business world, as it is easy for the church to do the same in its gospel presentations.

The gospel is a message of unfathomable grace. But it is also a message with a high cost (Luke 9:23; Luke 14:26-27, 33). And when people hear about the cost, they often don’t find it so appealing any longer (Luke 18:18-27).… Continue reading

Apes, Abortion, and Evangelical Outrage

gorill_kidBy now, unless you have been mercifully reposed in a remote area with no media access, you are aware that a child fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati zoo and in order to safeguard the child’s life the gorilla was killed. That was the right choice, made for the right reasons (as Jason Vaughn wrote here), but that is not what I want to talk about. What I think needs a little attention and biblical thought is the evangelical reaction to the story. I think it is high time we, as the Body of Christ, have an uncomfortable conversation about apes, abortion, and evangelical outrage.… Continue reading

What’s more dangerous than Las Vegas?

UnknownI wish I had a dollar every time someone told me about the dangers of Las Vegas and why they could not raise a family here. I habitually hear, “Oh, ministry in Sin City? Well, just like Corinth they need the Gospel too.” It seems many Christians think Las Vegas the most dangerous place in the world. After all, this IS Sin City! Right? (Or at least that is how we market our city to you). [1] Is Las Vegas the most dangerous place to anyone? Let’s face it, everyone knows the Strip has drugs, gambling, free drinks, and prostitution (even though it is technically illegal in Clark County (LV)).… Continue reading