The Heart of the Vaccine Debate

Vaccine_KTSMHave you ever sat around the table fellowshipping with  people around you and someone brings up the popular topic of “whether or not we as society should endorse or fight against vaccinations for our children?” Often times the fellowship times turn into both sides of the debate taking arms against each other commencing with firing off facts and opinions or horror stories that start with,” Well my girlfriend said, “ or “ I read this one article.” For some reason this hot topic of whether or not vaccinations should occur has really influenced our society and even crept in the church setting and caused division.… Continue reading

Homeschooling: That’s in the Bible, Right?

empty school deskIn response to observing an ever-increasing movement within the church, the contributors here on PS23 thought it opportune to evaluate the FIC (Family Integrated Church) from a biblical perspective. As John Chester noted in his post earlier this week, while we would contend that the FIC has done well in identifying many problems in today’s church and family, it only offers narrow-minded solutions to those problems, “rather than exclusively on biblical answers.”1 Consequentially, the line between strongly held personal preferences are muddied with clear biblical commands. That has damaged the church:

Parents don’t often see the difference between strongly held personal preferences and explicit biblical principles, and therefore their consciences often become the “rule” of what defines a “godly” home life. 

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FIC — The Father

John Chester began a series critiquing the Family Integrated Church movement (FIC) two weeks ago. Although the Supreme Court interrupted our regularly scheduled broadcast, it did not interrupt our concern for this mistaken ecclesiology (study of church).

UnknownI first read about the FIC when Voddie Baucham’s book Family Driven Faith hit the shelf and people were excited about his, What He Must Be book. I find myself agreeing with Baucham regarding many problems facing the church. Yet his solutions miss the mark. This is where we need to show discernment. Just because a man sees a problem, it does not mean he sees the solution.… Continue reading

Homeschooling. So Great a Salvation?

educationIt might be amusing to some (and disconcerting to others) to know what happens behind the scenes here on PS23. My Facebook messenger feed is virtually continuously buzzing from conversation, ranging from what’s new in theology, politics, current events, church life, and what my wife cooked for dinner. The latter inevitably morphs into a conversation about food, and the proper preparation thereof (especially as it relates to BBQ or coffee). Disagreement will exist, and then the expected “sticker war” (Who knew that language is de-evolutionizing to pictography? For that we might have our degrees revoked). But there’s more than just fun to our PS23 thread.… Continue reading

Bigfoot, Heavenly Tourism & Other Malarkey

When I was about 6 ½ years old I saw bigfoot, I was sure of it. I was bigootconvinced of his existence, I had learned all about him when my older brother had taken me to the movies and instead of watching a cartoon that had been pre-approved by my parents we settled in to watch a movie about Sasquatches. And on top of that Leonard Nimoy had made it clear that Bigfoot was real in multiple episodes of “In Search Of”, and if he played Mr. Spock so convincingly, he had to be smart enough to know what he was talking about.… Continue reading