PS23 Discussion: Evangelizing Family

PS23, joined with two guest, Eric Dodson and Nate Pickowizc, gather to discuss the nuances of evangelizing family. You can watch / listen to the full video. But you can also scroll down and follow specific quesitons in the video.

Full Video

How do we evangelize our family? What main principles do we need to consider? Here.

How do we evangelize unbelieving spouses? Here.

What hills do we need to die on when dealing with family members? Here.

How do you deal with difficult family members? Here.

How do we evangelize our children and other children?… Continue reading

PS23 Discussions: Defending the Word I

The men explain foundational truths about the Word of God. This is the first of a three part discussion on the Word of God. Parts 2 and 3 we examine common objections to the authority, clarity, inerrancy, and sufficiency of Scripture. We are still growing in our understanding. If you have questions, comments, or objections, please feel free to raise them in the comment feed below.


PS23 Discussions: Politics and Activism

A new edition of our PS23 Discussions series features the guys from our team, and special guest Shaun Lewis, discussing the topic of politics and activism. This seems to be a topic in central focus these days, so we thought it would be a good idea to address it. What is the believer’s role as a citizen? What is the God-ordained role of government? When and how should believers speak out on hot-button issues?

These are a few of the issues we discuss in this session. An important note, this session was filmed prior to the deaths of NYPD officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.… Continue reading