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I live in the Southern part of America—also known as “The Bible Belt.” I would actually like to rename this belt by calling it “The Church Belt,” because there are a ton of churches (where I live, there are 100+ churches in a 50-mile radius). The problem with this title is that not all these churches are faithful to Christ. So, I personally call this belt the “Lots of Buildings With The Name ‘Church’ On Them, In Which You Don’t Have To Be Committed, But You Must Go Occasionally To Fit In With The Culture.”

Pretty sure that will not stick.

Now, with each one of these “church” buildings, comes a sign. And with a sign comes the potential to convey a message. For many churches, they apparently have a sign ministry that uses their sign to communicate humor (or at least I think it is supposed to be funny) or truth that is three lines long. In my experience, no sign has been helpful except when communicating when the services are. The signs that try to get cute,

usually are edging on heresy or stupidity.

I want to address this issue. And when I sat down to think of a way to do this, all I could think about was “this would make a great BabylonBee story.” (BTW, if you don’t know about BabylonBee, you need to get over there right now! Serious. It is one of the best blogs on the internet. Go! now!) So, I wrote my own satirical “news” article that I hope BB would be proud of and that conveys my opinion on church-sign ministry.

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Church Decides to No Longer Use their Sign for “Cute, Witty Christianize Slogans”

 FAYETTEVILLE, AR – In a shocking developing of culturally irrelevant proportions, First United Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas has decided to use their church sign for displaying only the church service times and the pastor’s name.

“I was a shocked as anyone,” said one anonymous former-member of FFWMBC. “I really loved driving by the sign every week to find encouragement through humorous phrases. There were even times, when I was really lacking in my faith and feeling depressed, that I would make a special trip just to see that sign. I guess I’ll have to find another church to meet my needs.”

“My favorite ones, were the ones that hit you deep,” commented another former-member. “Like, ‘Walmart is not the only saving place.’ Or ‘Jesus died for “My Space” in Heaven.’ But probably the one that hit me the deepest was ‘God, help me to be the person my dog thinks I am.’ I even had it engraved on my Bible cover.”


When contacting the church and speaking with Pastor Richardson, he commented that “cute, witty Christianize slogans on signs don’t grow people in their faith. Faithful preaching, regular praying, and practicing the ‘one another’s’ do. So the sign will be for when those events are happening.”

Many have left the church over this decision and plan to find a church that better understands the times and culture.

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