An Open Letter to Human Rights Advocates



Advocates are often well intended people. They believe they are doing what is in the best interest of human advancement and, who can fault them for a noble desire? But if I could write a letter to human rights advocates who are crusading same-sex relationships, this is what I would say:

I need the help of my fellow advocates, all of you who are made in the image of God. My position and your position is most likely not the same. We are not clear on what “rights” everyone is entitled to but let me see if there is any common ground.

Here is the situation: a company has hired an employee who made it clear he is against same sex marriages. He firmly stated his convictions. He did so, as far as I can tell, in a manner that was fair and humane. Now here is my first plea. He was accused of making insensitive remarks, because according to you, he ignorantly claimed it was not proven people were born homosexuals. This was not well received by those who were promoting same sex togetherness. Before I plunge into this anymore, let me just say how unfair this is. I am speaking in terms of what happens under the sun, just from a human perspective but also from a biblical conviction that every human being was created in the image of God.

I am diametrically opposed to any abuse of homosexuals; whether it be hate crimes, or hate protests (such as signs speaking about an inferno awaiting those who practice such things). Nothing more impersonal and wrong than a silent message that we are commanded to express and explain with our voices. This is most offensive to the command of declaring the message, speaking it, but doing so in love. Additionally, I am for the rightful treatment of all people for medical care and anything necessary for life and sustenance. We do not have any right to remove normal privileges, even from those whose orientation we believe is wrong.

The same holds true for employment. The only industry or institution that should prevent homosexuals from working is the church or any Christian organization. That would mean they are non-profit. In my humble estimate, any company who prevents the hiring of a person because of their sexual situation should just close the business and find something else to do. You may be hiring someone who is guilty of other immoral sins; why are you particular with homosexuality and not the other sins? Your actions may be inconsistent with God’s position on sin in general. Even though there is an absolute response by God to life homosexuality in Genesis chapter 19, to prevent employment may not be the right way to go about it.

With that being said, here is where I clearly find a double standard on your part, oh hypocrisyhuman rights advocate. If you are calling for fair treatment, then why will you try to prevent a company from hiring a person whose opinions in your mind is perverted and unfair? If this person is convinced he has no other choice but to hold to those convictions, why are you so angry and hostile toward him? Why are your hateful words acceptable and his convictions condemned? Will you or should you not show equal support if you believe this person who promotes heterosexual relationships cannot help the way he is? What if this person who respectfully disagrees with your position believed he was born that way––to disagree with your stance? If you are an advocate for human rights, what about his rights.

I see no difference in this pro heterosexual person than you, with one Major exception. The Bible condemns homosexuality, like it does all other sins. And laying all preferences aside, whether someone is born that way or not matters very little to God. We were all born in sin (Ps. 51:5), and all have sinned (Rom. 6:23). Apart from the love and kindness of Christ for us, no one for that matter is righteous before God who is perfectly holy (Rom. 3:10; Matt. 5:48).

The standard to which all sin is judged is on God’s terms, not whether or not someone was “scientifically” born with a particular condition. Just because I was born with adultery in my heart (which according to Jesus in Matthew 5:27-28, I am a guilty of the very act if I conceive it in my mind!), that can never make it acceptable before a holy God. Now you may say adultery hurts others but homosexually does not. On the contrary, any population that promotes this type of lifestyle will eventually find itself on the short end of reproduction scale, soon to approach extinction if biblical relationships are not fostered. Ultimately the highest price is eternal damnation for anyone who rejects the call to turn from sin by placing their trust in Jesus Christ.

So dear advocate, while you force nations to honor your same-sex agenda, why can you not pay the same respect to those who honor their Creator. We are endangered too; can you help us? Can you stand for our rights also?

redlttrbible   Well, in all honesty, the Bible declares you cannot really help us because you have exchanged the truth of God for the lie (Rom. 1:25), hence the reason you pursue an impure and immoral agenda (Rom. 1:24). You call what is good, evil; and what should be evil, you declare as good; what should be darkness you define it as light (Isa. 5:20). Therefore, I can only pray for you and trust that God will save you and expose the hidden secrets of your heart, a place where only He knows how you really feel about life.

He has done it for all who have trusted in His Son; I pray He will cause the light of the hope of the gospel, the message declaring that Christ came to save sinners, to shine in your heart.

When Christ dwells in your heart, then and only then can you truly be an advocate for what is right.

Thank you for reading this letter.


Seymour Helligar

A sinner saved by God’s grace and mercy