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UnknownIt’s FRIDAY!!!!!! YAY! For most of us, tomorrow is a day of rest followed by the glories of Sunday and Corporate Worship!

I pray you enjoy your weekends and time with family, friends, and loved ones. For┬áthose of us who still work, I pray we labor for His glory, and enjoy the opportunity to work. Sunday morning Corporate Worship is around the corner. Are we prepared? Think about it, when you go on vacation, camping, to a game, movie, date, park, grocery store, you prepare. I wonder how many of us roll out of bed, get in car, and just show up to church? Yet most of us would admit Corporate Worship is a bigger deal than those things. So, are we prepared? Are you ready to sing praises? Hear God’s Word? Engage other people and serve them? Learn how to serve them? Have we spent time this week, “considering how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds” (Heb 10:24)?

Think about what Hebrews says there, “Consider.” We are to contemplate how to help others do love and good deeds. In order for me to do that well, I have to know you, your trials, your gifts, your life, and what you’re actually going through in life so that my encouragement stirs you on to love and good works. Imagine if someone was struggling with a harsh boss, contemplating quitting, and I just walked up and said, “Hey brother, praying for you and rejoicing you’re healthy.” Well, there is nothing “wrong” with that per se, but if I knew his work situation, would my encouragement look a little different? Probably. Knowledge of Scripture and people’s situations equips us to better encourage and minister. Ministry is primarily about people.

Now, if this sounds great but we don’t know people in our church well enough to provide this stimulus, then step one: develop relationships. Take initiative, reach out, and get to know others (especially if you’re shy). Maybe before Sunday, have this mindset and mission, “Ask one couple over for dinner.” That’s a great place to start. Get to know some people. Ask them if you can pray for them in any way, write that down, pray for them, then next week, or at some point in the week follow up.

If your pastor preaches through a book, where is he at? In two weeks I’ll be in Matthew 11. So it would behoove my congregation to read Matthew 11 in preparation for this sermon. Pray for your pastor. PLEASE!!!!! Please pray for us, we need it! We are going to stand in the gap and declare what the Lord says, pray for us, please! Pray for corporate worship. Ask God to save unbelievers who attend and sanctify believers. Pray for Sunday School, yours, your children’s, and those you don’t know.

Finally, be willing to call the church and ask if there is anything specific you can do to help set up or tear down for corporate worship. Then, whatever they tell you, regardless of how silly or insignificant you think it is, do it. Starting with simple small things communicates your investment to the church and is a great starting point for more responsibilities. Do what they ask you, even if no one notices, it’s boring, or hard. Remember the words of Jesus, the Lord who sees in secret will reward in full. If you’re a person who sets up, tears down, and does a lot of “blue collar labor” then remember, ministry is primarily about people. Find a way to still fellowship and minister in a way mentioned above.

Enjoy your weekend. I pray we love Christ and His people more on Monday then we did today.

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