PS23 Discussions: Defending the Word III


The men answer questions and criticisms regarding the Word of God. They continue by evaluating psychology/science (FYI: I did a more elaborated blog post of my response to science here and here), emphasis in preaching, and a few other topics. Please feel free to add to the discussion, ask questions, and challenge us where we have missed something. (None of us are perfect and all of us can use correction and grow in understanding).


Just a final comment. We have decided to send a free copy of Kevin DeYoung’s book on Scripture to the best answer or critique offered us on the blog. The only rule is you must live in the lower 48 states. We will consider comments on Monday Feb 16.

  • stogzilla

    sounds good to me. i have no critique.

    • Eric Dodson

      Thanks for watching Stogzilla! It appears you will win the book!

  • Cory Blissard

    I usually say “Well you suck and you are going to hell then aren’t you.” That pretty much ends the conversation.

    • Jason


  • Kris Tiongson

    Thanks guys…I like what you said about the sufficiency of scripture…to think we are wiser than God to offer principles for godly living is really rooted in pride…I’m grateful for pastors and teachers who teach the Word of God and not their personal opinions or experiences…

    Also, your emphasis on scripture to “restore the soul” for unbelievers is a great answer for how we should treat unbelievers in our congregation….