Responding to Charleston


Emmanuel AMEYesterday, today, and for the days and weeks to come television, social media, and the internet in general will be filled with analysis of the events which took place on Wednesday, June 17, 2015. The day a young man went into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, took out a weapon, and then killed at least nine people gathered for mid-week services. Pundits will pontificate, politicians will call for more or less restrictions on the citizenry at large, thousands or more will ask ‘why,’ and families will grieve over loved ones lost from this mortal realm.

Christian, I want to encourage you to be in one of those groups – I want you to grieve with the grieving! These dear people made in the image of God are coming away from what has possibly been the worst day of their lives and they need you as their brothers and sisters in Christ to remember them with tears as you entreat our loving Saviour and God on their behalf. I know that you probably don’t know any of these families and maybe won’t even meet any of them this side of glory; but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love them! And it is likely the only means you or I have available to demonstrate this love is to pray for them.

But Christian, I don’t want to stop there. People everywhere will be asking, “How could this happen?” and looking for answers for the problems of the world. Beloved in Christ, we have the answer! So when you encounter those folks I am begging you, DO NOT PUT YOUR LIGHT UNDER A BASKET! Pray for wisdom and then open your mouth and boldly proclaim the Gospel of or great God and Saviour, Christ Jesus!

Admit to them that we do indeed live in a messed up world, then explain to them why it is so. Point them to the Holy God who created them but will not tolerate their rebellion. Explain to them they are incapable of mending this broken relationship. And then magnify Christ who has done for us what we are incapable of doing for ourselves. Call upon them to repent, place their faith in Jesus Christ and be reconciled to God it’s the least you can do considering all that Christ has done for you.