True Spirituality, Dealing with Addiction, and Self-Help Manuals

Dealing with addictions can push a Christian to the limits of patience, trust, and exhaustion. The addiction might involve drugs, alcohol, tobacco, food, sex, pornography, power, popularity, wealth, social media, technology, or recreation—and many more. Recovering addicts soon find that they need help—help from God, help from family, help from friends, help from their church. As the battle rages to control the addiction, it has become very common for counselors and addicts alike to turn to self-help manuals. Who hasn’t been helped at least a little by getting some good biblical advice from a significant book like Heath Lambert’s Finally Free,[1] which deals with pornography and lust?… Continue reading

Conflict of Interest: Resolving Conflict One “Fear” at a Time

ArgumentsDo me a favor. “Put your finger in this webpage” and jump over to Facebook or Twitter, whichever you find yourself using the most. Don’t be shy. You have an account. I know you do. You probably found this article through one of those mediums. Now . . . what do you see? It’s likely I would get many different responses from people, because everyone’s feed is filled with different content. But you know what I see? Controversy. That’s what stands out more than anything. I bet you agree with me. Contention. Dissension. Conflict. You can’t hide from it.Continue reading

Accountability – Who Needs It?

PGA Tour golfer Bubba Watson is well known for his massive power, his pink driver shaft, his left-handed swing, and for twice winning the annual Masters Tournament (including this spectacular shot to seal his first win in 2012). But he is nearly as well known among die-hard PGA tour fans for having never taken an official golf lesson. When he has a problem with a shot, or a consistent problem with his swing, it’s up to him to diagnose it – and he is evidently very good at it, as his results demonstrate.
Bubba Watson Pink Driver

However, Bubba’s independence is not the norm for most professional golfers – or anyone else in almost any other area of life.… Continue reading

Pillars of Biblical Counseling

201003_028_ChristianCounselIf you’re struggling with a besetting sin that seems to keep on defeating you, where can you turn for strength to overcome? If you’re trying to help a friend who is in despair, heal a broken marriage, or aid a believer who struggles with anorexia or pornography, what source of power can you point to that can surely change them? As I interact with various people about spiritual growth issues (e.g. depression, anger, spiritual disciplines, worry, God’s will, marriage, parenting, etc.), I have found that there is power in biblical counseling. I hope to encourage believers who crave for true, biblical change by identifying what I have been taught from the Scripture and godly men as the power behind biblical counseling.… Continue reading