Israel’s Missionary Work

Dr. Barrick began our series on missions discussing its relationship to Christ’s resurrection. This article seeks to evaluate missions in the Old Testament context between the Lord and Israel. When using missions, we mean to communicate evangelizing the nations about the grace of our Lord. Hudson Taylor, going to a foreign land, learning the language, and preaching the Gospel exemplifies missions. But is this a NT concept?

Like fingers running down a chalkboard is the concept that God did not have a heart for the nations until after Jesus’s resurrection. Yet, I also understand why people think and teach this.… Continue reading

Repentance – Nineveh Style

In the book of Jonah, everything is upside-down. Hard-nosed sailors are soft and pliable. Wicked people are repentant. A violent and brutal king leads his city of 500,000 people in humble worship of God. And God’s prophet is a hateful, spiteful, self-absorbed, pitiless, griping, sulking, do-the-least-I-have-to-do-to-get-God-off-my-back man. But this is to be expected because the genre picked for this book is satire (the use of humor, irony,

exaggeration, and ridicule to expose & criticize people’s stupidity or vices). For a modern day use of satire that is constructive (and hilarious!), check out Babylon Bee.

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Today I want to point out one of these upside-down actions: the humble repentance of the Ninevites.… Continue reading

A Whale of a Reflection

One year ago on this coming Sunday, I started a teaching series called “Route 66” (not original to me, but a catchy title in America). It is a “through the Bible” series in which I give each book of the Bible a full treatment in one teaching setting. Granted, this may not seem completely fair as some books are longer than others (e.g., Genesis’ 50 chapters compared to Obadiah’s 21 verses). It has been an excellent study, one in which my youth, my youth leaders, and myself has all benefited. Personally, it has been a wonderful discipline for me to preach expository through a whole book in one shot.… Continue reading