Israel’s Missionary Work

Dr. Barrick began our series on missions discussing its relationship to Christ’s resurrection. This article seeks to evaluate missions in the Old Testament context between the Lord and Israel. When using missions, we mean to communicate evangelizing the nations about the grace of our Lord. Hudson Taylor, going to a foreign land, learning the language, and preaching the Gospel exemplifies missions. But is this a NT concept?

Like fingers running down a chalkboard is the concept that God did not have a heart for the nations until after Jesus’s resurrection. Yet, I also understand why people think and teach this.… Continue reading

Church Planting and Missionaries

3661I’m not really sure if our church plant is normal or abnormal. I have no idea. I’ve done NO research, do not consider doing any research, and have no interest in comparing Cornerstone Las Vegas to any one else. Maybe you’ll read this and laugh at or mock me (if you do, can I join in?). Maybe we’re ahead of the game? I’m not really sure? To be honest, when we took on our first missionaries I didn’t even contemplate IF it was wise, I just considered it the right thing to do.

<– (Hudson Taylor)

God desires churches to partner with missionaries.… Continue reading

PS23 Missionary Spotlight: Gus Pidal

Recently, I sat down with one of Cornerstone Las Vegas missionaries Gus Pidal who updated us regarding the work in Spain. Christ tells the church to go into “all the nations” to make disciples (Matt. 28:19). Please pray, consider, and get involved with good missionaries serving internationally. Make their work, something you participate in with the Lord.

If you would like more information regarding his ministry, support him prayerfully or financially, then visit his ministry page here: Gus Pidal.