Godly Music Genre?

Ahhhh, music and Christians. I remember the 90s and the “worship wars” that happened. Some churches believed (and taught) that God’s music only came from the hymnal and only played on the organ & piano. Guitars, drums, and basically any other instrument is out of the question. Furthermore, any genre outside hymnody was out. All styles of music for the Christian are really just one style: hymns – the older, the better.

Now, as you may know (or not know, so I will expose you to it), these beliefs have not disappeared. In fact, last night I had one of my youth (a 14 year old young man) approach me about this very issue.… Continue reading

Build a GREAT music ministry

resizedimage600269-Music-MinistryThis past Sunday we had a wonderful time of worship together at our little church in Bakersfield. Both morning and evening services were beautiful and I couldn’t help but express thanks to God as I drove home. I kept thinking how fortunate I was that God allowed me to be part of this church, but I also kept thinking how amazing it is that we are even allowed to worship the Lord. When you think about it, we have no right to come before a Holy God to offer our thanks. Who are we? He doesn’t need our feeble attempts at praise.… Continue reading

Preaching to the Choir

add_toon_info-1.phpI grew up singing in choirs. To be honest, there’s only been a handful of the years of my life where I have not either led a choir or been in one. It began when I was a cute little kid who sang in the children’s choir at church. I could barely match pitch and definitely couldn’t stand still for very long. I’m thankful for the long-suffering ladies who led our band of little ragamuffins. Through elementary, Jr. High, High School and College, my years were all filled with school choirs, community choirs and church choirs. Choirs have helped me tour much of the world, and worship with many congregations.… Continue reading

What are you listening to?

97808794699931We’ve just come out of Holy Week; the most important week in the year for believers. Some may say that Christmas is their favorite holiday, with all it’s festivities and joy; however, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday are the whole reason for the Christmas season. For without Holy Week, Christmas would be a meaningless, child’s holiday with no more significance than another birthday party.

My heart and mind is filled with music during this time of year. The music of Good Friday, often in its minor keys, helps me focus on the anguish of the cross which was borne on my behalf. … Continue reading

Immediately practical music tips for pastors

worship-musicLast week, John MacArthur and The Master’s Seminary hosted a historic summit on Biblical Inerrancy. Over 4 days, 18 sessions were presented by some of evangelicalism’s most well-known pastors, theologians and historians, affirming that there is no other authority by which we stand, than the authority of Scripture. It was thrilling to stand alongside 5000+ ministers of the Gospel in such a declaration. However, it was also equally stirring to hear the voices of these men reverberate in glorious song, as Dr. Clayton Erb and the entire music department of Grace Community Church, along with Keith & Kristyn Getty, and Fernando Ortega, led us before the throne grace through music.… Continue reading