Where We’ve Parked; No. 1


We on the team here at ParkingSpace23 enjoy and appreciate all of you who take time to read the various posts we compose and share each week. Likewise, we are very encouraged when some of you take the time to let us know how what we have written has had an affect on you in the comments section. And like the many of you who frequent our blog, we are all readers and commenters of and on a variety of blogs as well. To that end we thought it might be fun and informative to share with all of you some of the things bouncing around the blogosphere which we have either found helpful, challenging, or just flat out fun to read. All of this leads us to our post today and the rolling out of a new recurring “series” which will be known as “Where We’ve Parked.” In this series of posts as many of the contributors here at ParkingSpace23 as are able will submit a link (or two) with a short description of what will be found on the other end to one of any number of blogs he has been reading recently. Now, with all of the housekeeping out of the way please enjoy exploring all the places we’ve recently parked.

For the thrifty, manly Pastor! 

manlyThe Art of Manliness website partners with Huckberry for a weekly give away of the item of your choosing from the Huckberry site (one item is excluded). That’s right, you can have a chance to win everything from fine fashion to quality shave gear. It requires to things: (1) you have to sign up for the Huckberry site, which means signing up for a weekly email, and (2) you have to leave a comment on the Art Of Manliness page for the week’s contest (near bottom left of AoM home page). Pretty simple, and you might win some coll stuff. You can thank me later! -Contributed by Eric

For the perspective Pastor (or the just curious)

All Things New is a blog about ministry, life in ministry and family life in ministry written by the husband and wife team Zach and Noelle Putthoff. zach_noelleZach pastors Shepherd’s Community Church in Lafayette, Colorado and Noelle is mom to two wonderful kids. At turns convicting and encouraging, these two are amazingly transparent.  Like most in ministry, they are very busy and sometimes it can be a while between posts, but it worth stopping by regularly to see what is new (and if your new to the site, there is a lot to catch up on).

Also very helpful in understanding what pastoral ministry truly is and amicalled_headerdiscerning a possible call to ministry is the aptly named Am I Called?  From sundry ministry issues to practical pastoral helps to the occasional interview (like this great on with Tim Challies) I have found much of the content here helpful. – Contributed by John

For the Pastor with Eclectic Taste in Blogs

Hip & Thigh is the personal blog of my friend Fred Butler. Fred is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary and works for Grace To You (which is the home of a great blog as well). I filed this under “eclectic taste” because though Fred tends to focus on hipandthighapologetics at his blog those apologetic issues run the gambit. You will find posts on topics ranging from King James Onlyism to Charismatic Theology and most things in between. One reason I find this blog so helpful is Fred’s writing style. He is pithy (some might even say snarky), straightforward, and plain in presenting the biblical response to any of the issues he addresses. – Contributed by Andy