Where We’ve Parked, No. 2

We on the team here at ParkingSpace23 enjoy and appreciate all of you who take time to read the various posts we compose and share each week. Likewise, we are very encouraged when some of you take the time to let us know how what we have written has had an affect on you in the comments section. And like the many of you who frequent our blog, we are all readers and commenters of and on a variety of blogs as well. To that end we thought it might be fun and informative to share with all of you some of the things bouncing around the blogosphere which we have either found helpful, challenging, or just flat out fun to read. All of this leads us to our post today and the rolling out of a new recurring “series” which will be known as “Where We’ve Parked.” In this series of posts as many of the contributors here at ParkingSpace23 as are able will submit a link (or two) with a short description of what will be found on the other end to one of any number of blogs he has been reading recently. Now, with all of the housekeeping out of the way please enjoy exploring all the places we’ve recently parked.

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I love reading articles, books, and blogs from men who love Christ and His Word. Peter Goeman’s blog exemplifies a love for the Lord, a respect for His Word, and a desire for biblical wisdom. His conclusions are based on exegetical insights using great hermeneutics. Reading his posts will leave you encouraged, challenged, and knowing your Lord better. — Jason

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My wife has impressed on me the importance of rest and relaxation and not getting burned out. To that end she has encouraged me to (with moderation) take up my favorite hobby that I laid aside in  order to attend seminary in Southern California, fly fishing. Although the weather, my schedule and the demands of ministry don’t always allow me to head to the river, I can always read about it. Here are a couple of my favorite blogs. — John

The Fiberglass Manifesto

Fly Fishing Ruins Lives

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Twenty-Two Problems with Multi-site Churches

I have personally always felt very un-comfortable with “multi-site” churches. I wrote down 1 or 2 reasons a few years ago. But now, Jonathan Leeman over at 9marks.com has spelled it out best.

Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship

Counseling and discipleship in the church is essential! Equally essential is using God’s Word in people’s lives. Many people know of ACBC and CCEF, but I have recently discovered IBCD as a great resource for churches who want to be trained in counseling their people.– Greg

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Gatestone Institute gatestone-logo

The Gatestone Institute is a think tank which strives to provide a non-mainstream media analysis of democracy and the rule of law, human rights (and violations of the same), the economy, military readiness, miscellaneous threats to individual liberties, national sovereignty, and free speech. I enjoy the web presence of this group primarily because of the range of issues they choose to address, it amounts to “one stop shopping” for my political and foreign affairs information. Plus one of the contributors is a friend of mine. —Andy

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The Cordial Churchmancordialfam

The blog says it best, “Who are bow ties for? What does it take to pull off the look?It simply takes playfulness, confidence, and defiance of convention. There’s no “bow tie type”; there are only men who wear bow ties.” –Darren