What’s With St. Patty’s Day?


Yesterday was the internationally celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. This unofficial holiday (at least, it is unofficial in America) is celebrated in various ways by various cultures and peoples. For most, it seems a day to play Irish music, wear “kiss me, I’m Irish” merchandise, and eat cornbeef with cabbage or Irish stew. Kis me, I'm irish shirt

For seemingly most, no one cares about the man St. Patrick, they just want a reason to mix-up their mundane lives with something different.

Enter the Christian blogger community. Blog after blog within the Christian blog sphere seems to be driven to reclaim the godly man behind the holiday.

Now I am sure that no one outside the Christian community cares much. Like I said, from my experience with non-Christians, their focus is to spice-up their mundane lives with something different. So they listen to Irish music, drink a green beer, and somehow choke down cornbeef and cabbage.

Yet, within the Christian community, I find these bloggers to be helpful. Not for the sake of giving our lives some “pop,” but to remember that the God of the Bible who imparts patrickpicsalvation today is the same God who imparted salvation 1,600 years ago. Meaning, how God works today is no mystery because it is the same throughout the ages. This is why I love church history. Church history allows me (and all Christians who read it) to be amazed by our faithful God who has saved people from every tribe and every tongue and every nation, and will continue to save until the final day of judgment (Rev 20).

So, today, the plan is not to re-write what others have done about St. Patrick, but to give you what I believe is the best of all the writings (blogs and books), as well as videos concerning this godly man. May your heart is lifted high as you consider another man’s testimony of God’s work.

Blogposts to read:

Who Was Saint Patrick and Why Do We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? (www. gotquestions.org)

St. Patrick: Reclaiming the Great Missionary (Mike Pettengill, The Gospel Coalition)

Patrick of IrelandShowing Your St. Patrick’s Day Colors (PS23’s own Darren Wiebe)

Who Was St. Patrick? (Kevin DeYoung, The Gospel Coalition)

Books to Read:

Patrick of Ireland: His Life and Impact, by Michael Haykin

The Confession of Saint Patrick (the primary source for the thinking, life and, times of St. Patrick)


Videos to watch:

From Rose Publishing: a quick 2-min video on St. Patrick.


A quick satire in two Irish men confronting St. Patrick on the problem with using analogies to explain the Holy Trinity.


For the kids (or the big kid in you), from veggietales.

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