Back to the Basics: Scripture’s Clarity


As I made known in our reintroduction to this feature at Parking Space 23, from time to time we will be pointing you to posts which have been previously published. In most cases we have accomplished this with something called a “Reprise.” What this usually means is the contributor responsible for posting that day has had an extremely busy week; at least that has been the case for me. However, today I am going to do something a little different. Instead of posting a reprise, I am going to point you to this series of postsBack to Basics written by John Chester on the Clarity of Scripture. I am doing this for two reasons; 1) the series continues the theme of our last post by looking at Scripture, and 2) he has done a much better job at explaining this subject than I am capable.

The Clarity of Scripture (Part 1)

The Clarity of Scripture (Part 2)

The Clarity of Scripture (Part 3)