Missionary doesn’t want to go to Africa? Bee Rejected


Below is my Babylon Bee reject. After visiting a spot in Europe 6 times, I learned a valuable lesson. To Americans, there are two, maybe three places missionaries go: Africa and Mexico. When it comes to short term missions, that is youth group work. People would see the photos of where I went and say, “That’s a missions trip?!” But if we could see hearts the way God sees hearts, you’d demand we send more back to my location. Here is my love for missions and satire combined in one.

Missionary’s Calling in Doubt for Considering Ministry Location Outside of Africa

It’s absurd to think of missions outside of Africa. But Missionary Frank Smith felt like there might be people outside of Africa who need Christ too. Different local church missions committees continue to confront Frank encouraging him to take missions seriously pointing to all the places in Africa with dirt roads.

One board member said, “It doesn’t make sense for us to think of missions as an international venture. Everyone knows missionaries work in Africa. The only exception to this rule, is Mexico. But you only send youth groups to Mexico to build structures.”
Frank is unsure if he’s called to be a missionary, but he did say, “It just seems like there might be people in China, Russia, Croatia, and Iran who need Christ too.”
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