Monday’s Exercise


Okay, here’s a little exercise. Read the following (fake) email and respond. This was a great exercise for our Men’s Leadership training. Feel free to respond in the comments below or use it to talk among your friends.

Our goal in life is to serve people. Many of us find opportunities to help others in their walk with Christ. One area the modern church needs to grow in is ecclesiology. So may this help you. Please use Bible verses in your response.

The Exercise

Dear brother,
About a year ago I was saved. Since then I have thought about whether or not I should attend church. What say you? Should I? I’ve gone to some different ones here and there. I like to sleep in on Sunday’s, eat waffles, drink coffee and read the Bible and pray. God is so good to me during those times! I’m not sure why everyone feels like they need to go to church, I can study Scripture on my own and know Jesus Christ. Don’t you agree? Sometimes I sit in church (the one’s I’ve attended) and just think, “These people are hypocrites.”
I don’t want to go to a church where everyone around me is unloving. I don’t know, maybe I should find small group with peers and just see if we click? I know you’re a Christian, and I have this nagging feeling I should go to church, but can’t find a single verse either. Do you think I should attend church? There are so many, where do I begin? What do I look for? Do I really need to be in a church? Is there a benefit?
Why can’t I just sit at home and listen to sermons online?
I just want some place where they’ll love me . . . Don’t you agree?
Your friend
Teddy Roosevelt
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