PS23 Discussions: Church Planting


It is our absolute joy, here at ParkingSpace23 to serve you. Our highest goal is to glorify the Lord with content that will bless and edify you, and serve the Church. This week, we launch a new series of posts. We’re calling it “PS23 Discussions.” We gather the men of ParkingSpace23 to discuss topics affecting the Church. The first session has been quite an experience, as we continue to work out the bugs and fine tune the process. Still, this session was a blessing to all of the guys involved, and we hope it will be to you as well.

Our first discussion was on the topic of church planting. Enjoy the discussion, and feel free to leave us a comment if you have a topic you’d like us to discuss in the future.

  • Matthew Johnston

    A good bunch of brothers that I miss. A lot.

  • Teagueman

    I’m happy to serve alongside one of these men. Thanks for taking the time to organize and arrange this discussion and for giving us all a peek into you hearts.

    • Eric Dodson

      Thanks for reading/listening!

  • Kyle Sanderson

    This was a helpful discussion for me to “sit in” on. I am thinking through whether being a senior pastor and/or church planter is a good fit for me. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. And Jason, you need a haircut…

    • Eric Dodson

      Thanks for watching! Jason needs a shave too!