Reading the Bible in 2015


open BibleI have had the privilege of reading through the Bible with the men of my local church over the course of the past 15 months or so. I can’t even begin to list the benefits this shared activity has wrought in my own life, much less the lives of the men, their families, and that of our beloved assembly of Saints. Because of these innumerable blessings, I want to challenge each person who reads this blog to take up a systematic Bible reading program in the coming year.

To be clear, I am asking you to take up the challenge of creating a habit of Bible reading. I am actually unconcerned with how long it might take any person to read through the entire Bible, I just desire for you (& all of us Believers) to read it daily! The point of this exhortation is not so you can smugly notch your belt in the “Bible reading category” but rather that you are able to say, “I have learned more of my Lord, I have grown in my affections for Christ, I have grown more sensitive to the wretchedness of my sin, and so on.”

I would say more; however, I have learned of a blogging activity called “the punt” wherersz_1jason-243x300 one blogger points to a different blogger’s post which has already addressed the issue at hand. In this case I am “punting” to the personal blog of fellow contributor, Jason Vaughn, that’s him to the right. So please visit Shepherd the Sheep to learn more about reading your Bible in 2015.

Finally, Happy New Year! May this be a year of your growing closer to the Lord through the reading of His Word.