Why Do We Observe the Lord’s Supper?


God appointed two ordinances to the church: believer’s baptism and the Lord’s Supper (also called the Lord’s Table and Communion). Baptism consists of the declaration of one’s salvation, of being “in Christ Jesus” by faith.

Baptism symbolizes our commitment of faith;
the Lord’s Supper symbolizes our obligation to brotherly love and to the “one anothers.”

Baptism is our Godward obedience;
the Lord’s Supper is our brotherward obedience.

The Lord’s Supper provides a picture of the full program of redemption:

  1. It requires Christ’s incarnation: “My body . . . My blood” (Matthew 26:26–29).
  2. It demands Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice: “for you” (Luke 22:19).
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” . . . That He May Be With You Forever”


Many people are concerned about the end of the world. Books are written, movies find new-creative ways to show us how it will all end, and there are seemingly a million or so options about how to interpret the “End Times” passages in the Bible. Interestingly, with all this attention focused upon the end, there is one area that gets missed that I believe is vital.

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Before I go any farther there are three things you must know:

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