Where We’ve Parked


We on the team here at ParkingSpace23 enjoy and appreciate all of our readers. Your comments challenge and encourage us. Like you, we read and comment on a variety of blogs. We think it fun and informative to share with you some of our browsing in the blogosphere we find helpful, challenging, or just fun to read. Hence this post,  “Where We’ve Parked.” In this post, different ParkingSpace23 contributors will provide a link (or two) with a short description of the link’s content. Now please enjoy exploring all the places we recently parked.

From Eric Dodson: 5 Minutes in Church History by Stephen Nichols

The study of church history comes with a great many nicholsblessings, as we can learn from the successes and failures of our brothers and sisters of the past. It also allows us to appreciate “how we got here,” giving a nod to the contributions of the saints of old and helping us understand how their sacrifices have honored the Lord and continue to serve us in the present. With that in mind, there are few church historians you will find to be a greater blessing than Dr. Stephen Nichols. This brilliant scholar has written some great works, the product of diligent study. Another product of Nichols’ work is the website/podcast 5 Minutes in Church History. It’s a great source for quick, helpful snapshots of believers who’ve helped shape church history. I have no doubt you’ll find this resource a true blessing, and, if you’re a pastor, you’ll find it a great source for sermon illustrations!

From Jason Vaughn

UnknownRecently I stumbled across an author’s blog I find really helpful. Being familiar with him from his book on the New Perspective of Paul, I ventured into his blog with anticipation. His book critiqued and proved the NPP wrong so clearly and concisely, I hoped this blog would be similar. The author lives up to his book. But, here is a fair warning, be careful. Be careful when you read a man more interested in biblical arguments than just regurgitating historical positions. Why? Because he will challenge you to think and wrestle with the text.

Each of His posts should not to be scanned, read quickly, or left unfinished. His blog requires attention, thorough reading, and reflecting. He is brilliant. A lot of authors treat problems like there is only one solution. Preston Sprinkle understands most issues and problems have multiple variables. He deconstructs the question, blows it up, then puts it back together with God’s Word directing the answer. Any time you read someone like this you’ll find yourself challenged, questioning, disagreeing at times, and yet praising the Lord for knowing His Word better and knowing Him better. When tackling an issue, he tries to be fair to his opponents (something we can all learn from) then critique them biblically with gentleness (something we should all do). Enjoy! http://www.patheos.com/blogs/theologyintheraw/

From Darren Wiebe

book_cover_smJohn Newton was more than the writer of one of history’s most beloved hymns, “Amazing Grace”. He was also a faithful pastor and shepherd, who used hymnody to teach, encourage and exhort his congregation. Todd Murray of Grace Immanuel Bible Church, and The Expositor’s Seminary has compiled many of the forgotten hymns of John Newton, reintroducing some of them to us, a new generation. You can benefit not only from the work of Todd Murray, but catch a glimpse into the heart of this converted teenage rebel, profane sailor, naval deserter and slave-trader at the website Beyond Amazing Grace.