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parking space 23 I routinely evaluate my schedule, work, productivity, time management, goals, and work. Naturally this blog has to come up in the evaluation. Why write for ParkingSpace23? I’m going to share my personal goals.

Now, let me elaborate on one important nuance and caveat. This is my, Jason Vaughn’s goals. In no way, shape, or form would I want someone to accuse my fellow authors of having similar goals. They may share these goals, but I respect each of them enough to respect their purposes in writing. If they write for other reason, I am comfortable with it. Also, and this is HUGE, I am not speaking for them or on behalf of them.

So, now that I got the legalese, “Accept these terms” before upgrading your IOS software or burning your house down with the new Samsung, let’s roll out some reasons.

First, I write to help me crystallize my understanding of Scripture so that I will know Christ and His Word better. In the process, I pray this blog points you to study His Word to know, love, worship, and treasure the Triune God. His Word is worthy of our time. The Spirit directs, informs, and trains us with it. Christ is the head of His church and His Word has full authority. His Word should influence our worldview, actions, love, time, and perspective. I pray reading this blog challenges us to think biblically. Personally, I’m not a huge creed or systematics guy. I respect them, appreciate them, and even read them. But the Lord gave us His Word as it is written for us to read and meditate on. If I had ten hours to read, I’d use nine and a half for Scripture and thirty minutes on a resource. Therefore I want our thinking to be conformed to His Word evaluating doctrine in the context of Scripture. I pray this blog encourages and challenges you to think biblically. Even if you disagree, I pray you do so because the Bible has shaped your disagreement, not culture, tradition, or a creed.

Second, I pray this blog points you back to your local church. The last thing I would ever want is for someone, not in my local church, to consider me their pastor. Also, I pray we never get deceived into thinking the internet IS our church. As much as I love those I’ve met on Twitter and other social media, they are not my congregation or my church. Yes, we are a part of the catholic church (not Catholic), but when it comes to shepherding, serving, loving, and unifying with someone, those commands are primarily directed to me and my local church. The same goes for you, if you have been called into God’s kingdom, you have been given a gift to serve your local church (Eph 4:7-16). I pray this blog encourages your relationship with your local church.

Of course I see value in listening and growing in knowledge from literature, blogs, and even a famous pastor’s sermons. But I would pray those never take precedence over the local church ministry. Your pastor’s sermons are preached with you, specifically, in mind. He is called to “shepherd the flock of God among you” (1 Peter 5:2). He prays for you by name. You, your elders, and your church will stand before the Lord giving an account of how each of you ministered to each other. I pray this blog strengthens those relationships encouraging you to respect and work with your local church.

I hope this blog encourages you to stay faithful to the local church. For those who are not in a local church, I pray this blog encourages you to get involved and be faithful in the local church. I would hope this blog helps your elders and your personal relationship. “Well, I don’t have a personal relationship with any of my elders.” Let me reiterate, approach them and tell them you want to get to know them. Go to them and ask how you can serve the church. Invite them over for dinner. If the only thing you can make is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, then great! It’s not about the food, but the fellowship.

In summary, I see my blog posts role as a secondary means to strengthen you as you walk with Christ. The primary means of growth and maturity is always believers serving their local church (Hebrews 5:14; 6:9-12). I pray this blog strengthens you to serve, love, pray for, and be involved with your local church. I’m thankful for the other men on this blog. Their articles do exactly what I pray mine intend to do. I’m thankful for their commitment and I know Cornerstone Las Vegas ministry is stronger because of their work.

Press on.

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